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Joe Carr's Tech Notes

Radio Basics

Frequency vs. Wavelength

Modes and Modulation

Call Sign Prefixes

UTC/GMT Conversion

Radio Terms

Shortwave Radio

Introduction to Shortwave Listening

Tuning 150 kHz to 30 MHz

Selecting a Shortwave Radio

Reporting and QSLs

Receiver Reference

Modern Shortwave Receiver Survey

Favorite Tube-Type Shortwave Receivers

Scanner Monitoring

Introducing the "Action Bands"

The World Above 30 MHz

Selecting a Scanner

National Scanner Frequency Guide

Other Radio Hobbies

Ham Radio

AM Band DXing

Longwave DXing

Clandestine Radio

Pirate Radio

Numbers Stations


Radio Links

Shortwave Listening

Radio Clubs

International Broadcasters

Scanner Listening

Ham Radio

Web-Controlled Radios


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Noted author, Joseph J. Carr, has created a series of short articles on topics of interest to the shortwave listener. Universal Radio Research is pleased to provide them here in PDF format.

# Title Pages
01 Directional or Omnidirectional Antenna? 7
02 What is a "Good Ground"? 6
03 Connecting Your Receiver to the Antenna 6
04 Installing Coaxial Connectors 4
05 Connecting the Transmission Line to the Antenna 5
06 Dealing With AM Broadcast Band Interference 10
07 Filter, Attenuator, Preamplifier, Preselector --- or Barefoot? 10
08 Small Loop Antennas 7
09 Using the Small Loop Antenna 8

If you enjoy Joe's clear and informative writing style and would like to learn more about shortwave antennas we recommend . . .

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    Joe Carr's Receiving Antenna Handbook

    By Joseph Carr
    This guide to high performance antennas is written in Joe's clear, easy to understand, friendly style. Arguably the best book devoted to receiving antennas for longwave through shortwave. An excellent book for the shortwave listener who likes to experiment with different antennas. 1993 Hightext 189 pages.
    Currently out-of-print

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