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Here are shortwave radio-related sites not operated by broadcasters or clubs. To suggest a site to be included here, or to report a defunct link, click here to send e-mail.

Btown Monitoring Post Tons of hard to find info on shortwave utility (i.e. non-broadcast) stations brought to you by Larry and Gayle Van Horn.

Prime Time Shortwave Daniel Sampson brings you the latest English shortwave broadcast schedules.

Free Radio Network. This is where to find the latest information about pirate radio stations. If you're interested in pirate radio, bookmark this site!

Hard-Core DX. A site for listeners whose primary interest is in trying to hear weak, seldom-received stations.

Glenn Hauser's World of Radio. Glenn produces the weekly World of Radio program broadcast over several shortwave stations and is also the publisher of Review of International Broadcasting and DX Listening Digest. This site contains the latest schedule for World of Radio and summaries of recent editions.

Tim Noonan's Home Page. Another DXer with a home page containing useful information.

Numbers Stations. Great current and archival information on the mysterious Numbers Stations.

SW Radiogram Analog broadcasters use digital modes to transmit data and text. Presented by Dr.Kim Andrew Elliott. Here is a wiki to get started with this application.

Patepluma International Radio Home Page. This site is run by Don Moore and concentrates on shortwave broadcasters of Latin America.

SWLing.com. A beginner's guide to shortwave radio listening.

Chris Smolinski's Spy Numbers Page. Chris has devoted space at his personal Web site to information about the mysterious "spy numbers" stations that have been widely heard for decades.

Shortwave portal Wiki-based portal with numerous links to clubs, blogs, websites, mailing lists and more.

HFDL. Learn more about the important HFDL aeronautical digital mode used on shortwave.

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