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Radio Basics

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Call Sign Prefixes

UTC/GMT Conversion

Radio Terms

Shortwave Radio

Introduction to Shortwave Listening

Tuning 150 kHz to 30 MHz

Selecting a Shortwave Radio

Reporting and QSLs

Scanner Monitoring

Introducing the "Action Bands"

The World Above 30 MHz

Selecting a Scanner

National Scanner Frequency Guide

Other Radio Hobbies

Ham Radio

AM Band DXing

Longwave DXing

Clandestine Radio

Pirate Radio

Numbers Stations


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Many international broadcasters maintain their own Web sites. At these sites, you can get the latest program and frequency schedules, additional information about the station and country, mailing addresses, and other useful data.

An increasing number of international broadcaster Web sites are also using the RealAudio technology from Real Networks, Inc., to let you listen to their broadcasts over your PC. To do so, you will need a sound card and version 3.0 or later of the RealAudio player. If you don't have the RealAudio player installed on your PC, you can download the latest version, 5.0, free from the Real Networks Web site by clicking the icon below:

Get RealAudio 5.0!

Most of the sites below support RealAudio's streaming technology, which means you will hear audio with only a few seconds delay. Other sites will require you to download an entire audio file to your hard disk before playing. The latter can take several minutes to complete and occupy tens of megabytes of hard drive space.

AUSTRALIA Radio Australia

AUSTRIA Radio Austria International

BELARUS: Radio Minsk

BELGIUM Radio Vlaanderen International

BRAZIL: Radiobras

CANADA Radio Canada International

CHINA: China Radio International

COSTA RICA: Radio for Peace International

CROATIA: Croatian Radio

CUBA: Radio Havana Cuba

CYPRUS: Cyprus Broadcsasting Corporation


DENMARK: Radio Denmark

ECUADOR HCJB, La Voz de los Andes

EGYPT: Radio Cairo

ESTONIA: Estonian Radio

FINLAND Radio Finland

FRANCE Radio France Internationale

GABON: Africa Number One

GERMANY Deutsche Welle

GREECE: Voice of Greece

HUNGARY: Radio Budapest

ICELAND: Rikisútvarpid (the Voice of Iceland)

INDIA All India Radio

IRAN: Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting

IRELAND: Radio Telefis Eireann

ISRAEL Kol Israel

ITALY RAI International

JAPAN Radio Japan

KOREA (SOUTH): Radio Korea International

JORDAN: Radio Jordan

KUWAIT Radio Kuwait

LATVIA: Radio Latvia

LITHUANIA: Radio Vilnius

MEXICO: Radio Mexico International

MONGOLIA: Voice of Mongolia

NETHERLANDS Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

NEW ZEALAND Radio New Zealand International

NORWAY Radio Norway International

OMAN: Oman Radio and TV

PAKISTAN: Radio Pakistan

POLAND Polish Radio

PORTUGAL: Radio Portugal

ROMANIA Radio Romania International

RUSSIA Voice of Russia

SINGAPORE: Radio Singapore International

SLOVAKIA: Radio Slovakia International

SOUTH AFRICA Channel Africa

SPAIN: Spanish Foreign Radio

SRI LANKA: Radio Sri Lanka

SWEDEN Radio Sweden

SWITZERLAND Swiss Radio International

TAIWAN: Radio Taipei

THAILAND: Radio Thailand

TUNISIA: Radio Tunis

TURKEY: Voice of Turkey


UNITED STATES Voice of America

VATICAN CITY Vatican Radio

VIETNAM: Voice of Vietnam

YUGOSLAVIA: Radio Yugoslavia

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