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Hallicrafters SX-122

General Coverage Communications Receiver Rating (1-5): HHHH (4)
Made In: United States 1964-1971 Voltages: 105/125 VAC 50/60 Hz
Coverage: 538 - 34000 kHz¹ Readout: Analog
Modes: AM/SSB-CW Selectivity: 5/2.5/.5 kHz -6 dB.
Circuit: Double Conversion Superheterodyne. 11 Tubes plus Semiconductors. Physical: 18.75x8x9.75" 29 Lbs. 476x203x248mm 13.2 kg
Circuit Complement: 6DC6 RF Amp, 6AU6 1st Mixer, 6C4 HF Osc, 6DC6 1650 kHz IF Amp, 6EA8 2nd Mixer/Crystal Osc, 6BA6 50 kHz IF Amp, 6BE6 BFO/Product Detector, 6BN8 AVC Amp/AVC Rect/AM Detector, 6GW8 1st AF Amp/Audio Out, 5Y3 Rectifier and 0A2 Voltage Regulator. Product detector for SSB/CW and envelope detector for AM.
Features: • ¼" Head. Jack • S-Meter • Bandspread • Antenna Trimmer • RF Gain • ANL • BFO • Speaker Terminals • Dial Lamp • Mute Terminals
Accessories: R-47 Speaker, R-50 Speaker, HA-7 Calibrator 100 kHz, R-51 Speaker/Clock
New Price: $290-295 Used Price: $130-190
Comments: Ranges: .538-1.58, 1.72-4.9, 4.6-13 and 12-34 MHz. ¹Reception gap from 1580-1720 kHz. Mounting hole for SO-239.
Variants: Model SX-122A introduced in 1967 at $395 and went up to $550 by 1971. Same appearance and tube complement. Model SX-122R rack version not put into production.

Hallicrafters SX-130

General Coverage Communications Receiver Rating (1-5): HHH (3)
Made In: United States 1965-1969 Voltages: 105-125 VAC 50/60 Hz
Coverage: 535 - 31500 kHz¹ Readout: Analog
Modes: AM/SSB-CW Selectivity: Wide/Normal/Narrow
Circuit: Single Conversion Superheterodyne. 7 Tubes plus Semiconductors. Physical: 18.875x8x9.75" 22 Lbs. 479x203x248mm 11.3 kg
Circuit Complement: 6DC6 RF Amp, 6EA8 Mixer/Osc, 6EA8 1st IF Amp/Crystal Sel., 6BA6 2nd IF Amp, 6AL5 AM Detector/NL, 6BE6 BFO/Product Detector, 6GW8 AF Amp/Output and diode.
Features: •¼" Head. Jack • S-Meter • Bandspread • Product Det. SSB/CW • RF Gain • ANL • BFO • Antenna Trimmer • Mute Terminals • Crystal Phasing • Dial Lamp • Speaker Terminals
Accessories: HA-7 Calibrator, R-47 Speaker, R-50 Speaker, R-51 Speaker/Clock
New Price: $170-200 Used Price: $90-140
Comments: Ranges: .535-1.61, 1.725-4.7, 4.5-13 and 11.9-31.5 MHz. ¹Reception gap from 1610-1725 kHz. Bandspread ranges: 3.5-4, 7-7.4, 13.9-14.4, 20-22 and 26-30 MHz. Note that the bandspread occupies the long horizontal dial and the main tuning occupies the smaller rotary dial.
Variants: The model S-129, previously shown, is the same as the SX-130 less crystal filter, crystal phasing and S-Meter $165.

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