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Knight Span Master

Span Master
General Coverage Communications Receiver Kit Rating (1-5):
Made In: Japan 1957-1967 Voltages: 110-130 VAC 60 Hz
Coverage: 540 - 30000 kHz Readout: Analog
Modes: AM/CW
Circuit: Regenerative. 2 Tubes. Physical: 14x6.25x6.75" 7 Lbs. 355x158x171mm 3.1 kg
Circuit Complement: 6BZ6 Regenerative Detector, 6AW8 Audio Driver/Audio Amp and selenium rectifier.
Features: Head. Terminals Speaker 4" Fine Regen. Tuning Bandspread Phone-Speaker Switch
New Price: $25-26 Used Price: $70-150
Comments: Ranges: .54-1.6, 1.7-4.5, 4.8-14 and 13.5-30 MHz. The phone-speaker switch is on the rear panel. In gray-blue wood cabinet with aluminum grill. Allied #83YX258 and 83Y258.

Knight Star Roamer

Star Roamer
General Coverage Communications Receiver Kit Rating (1-5):
Made In: Japan and United States 1963-1972 Voltages: 110-130 VAC 60 Hz
Coverage: 200-420, 550-30000 kHz Readout: Analog
Modes: AM Selectivity:
Circuit: Single Conversion Superheterodyne. 4 Tubes Physical: 12.25x5.5x8" 10 Lbs. 311x140x203mm 4.5 kg
Circuit Complement: 6BE6 Converter, 6HR6 IF Amp, 12AX7 Audio Amp and 6AK6 Audio Output.
Features: " Head. Jack S-Meter Speaker 4" Bandspread 0-100 ANL Dial Lamp Antenna Trimmer AVC ON/OFF Sensitivity MW Ferrite Ant. CW Practice Jack
New Price: $40-45 Used Price: $45-60
Comments: Ranges: .2-.4, .55-1.8, 1.8-4.8, 4.8-12 and 12-30 MHz. Tuning CW/SSB was possible, if not difficult, by adjusting the Sensitivity. This was a popular and affordable receiver kit that sold in large numbers, but was a very modest performer. Black metal cabinet. Allied #83YX102J.

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