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Hammarlund HQ-100

General Coverage Communications Receiver Rating (1-5): HHH (3)
Made In: United States 1956-1961 Voltages: 105-125 VAC 50-60 Hz
Coverage: 540 - 30000 kHz Readout: Analog
Modes: AM/(CW-SSB) Selectivity: 6kHz & var .1-3 kHz -6dB
Circuit: Single Conversion Superheterodyne. 10 Tubes. Physical: 16.25x9.5x9.2" 30 Lbs. 413x241x233mm 13.6 kg
Circuit Complement: 6BZ6 RF Amp, 6BE6 Mixer, 6C4 HF Osc, 6BA6 1st IF Amp, 6BA6 2nd IF Amp, 6AL5 Detector/NL, 12AX7 1st AF Amp/Q-Multiplier/BFO, 6AQ5 Audio Out, 0B2 Regulator and 5Y3 Rectifier. The XC-455 option kit adds a 455 kHz crystal controlled BFO to the second detector. Permits CW reception with a variable bandwidth of 100 to 3000 kHz.
Features: " Head. Jack S Meter Sensitivity Antenna Trimmer Bandspread ANL AVC MAN/ON Speaker Terminals Q-Multiplier BFO 4 kHz
Accessories: S-100 Speaker, XC-100 Calibrator, Clock/Timer (shown), XC-455 BFO Kit
New Price: $169-189 Used Price: $160-300
Comments: Ranges: .54-1.6, 1.6-4, 4-10 and 10-30 MHz. Requires a speaker. Shown with optional clock.
Variants: HQ-100C (shown) includes the clock. Model HQ-100E is export version. Later model HQ-100A is similar to the HQ-100, but with a separate BFO built-in (BFO knob is between the tuning dials), and the optional clock is in the 24 hour format. Model HQ-100AC includes the clock. Model HQ-100AE is export version.
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Hammarlund HQ-129-X

General Coverage Communications Receiver Rating (1-5): HHHHH (5)
Made In: United States 1946-1953 Voltages: 105-125 VAC 50-60 Hz
Coverage: 540 - 31000 kHz Readout: Analog
Modes: AM/CW Selectivity:
Circuit: Single Conversion Superheterodyne. 11 Tubes. Physical: 20.125 x 11 x 13.5 inches 47 Lbs. 511x279x343mm 21.3 kg
Circuit Complement: 6SS7 RF Amp, 6K8 Converter 1st Detector Osc, 6SS7 1st IF Amp, 6SS7 2nd IF Amp, 6SS7 3rd IF Amp, 6H6 Detector/NL, 6SN7GT/G 1st Audio Amp/S-Meter, 6V6GT/G Audio Power Amp, 6SJ7 BFO, 5U4G Rectifier and 0C3 Regulator.
Features: " Head. Jack S Meter RF Gain Antenna Trimmer BFO Bandspread AVC OFF/ON Standby Relay Contacts Dial Lamp NL Speaker Terminals Flywheel Tuning
Accessories: SC-10 Speaker, FS-135-C Calibrator
New Price: $129-189 Used Price: $100-190
Comments: Ranges: .54-1.32, 1.32-3.2, 3.2-5.7, 5.7-10, 10-18 and 18-31 MHz. Bandspread: 80, 40, 20 and 10 meters. Requires a speaker. This unit is often found with larger, user-supplied, tuning knobs. A great medium wave performer. Early production featured the Hammarlund name and model in red lettering. Most units had all the front panel labeling in white. Some late production units had black lettering for the name and model number. This is the post war successor the HQ-120-X.

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