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Collins 51J

General Coverage Communications Receiver Rating (1-5): HHHH (4)
Made In: United States 1949-1951 Voltages: 115 VAC 50/60 Hz 85W
Coverage: 500 - 30500 kHz Readout: Analog Lin.
Modes: AM/CW Selectivity: 3 - .2 kHz 5 steps
Circuit: Double Conversion Superheterodyne. 16 Tubes. Physical: 21.125x12.5x13.88" 55 Lbs. 536x318x352mm 25 kg
Circuit Complement: Uses 70E-7A VFO
Features: " Head. Jack S Meter ANL Antenna Trimmer RF Gain BFO Mute AVC ON/OFF Dial Set Adjust IF Out Jack Standby Calibrator 100 kHz. Dial Lamp
Accessories: Speaker, Table Top Cabinet
New Price: $875 Used Price: $250-350
Comments: This radio is organized with thirty 1 MHz bands. The bands are displayed on a drum or turret type mechanism. Designed for 19" rack mount. Dimensions shown are for cabinet version. Requires speaker. An outstanding general coverage receiver for its time. This model is also referred to as the 51J-1.
Variants: Model 51J-2 1950 is very similar but has a toggle switch mounted to the left of the meter which selects the function of the meter as input or output (i.e., S or AF). The military version of the 51J-2 is the R-381. The faceplate for the 51J-1 and 51J-2 is simply "51J".

Collins 51J-3

General Coverage Communications Receiver Rating (1-5): HHHHH (5)
Made In: United States 1952-1956 Voltages: 115/230 VAC 45-70 Hz
Coverage:540 - 30500 kHz Readout: Analog Lin.
Modes: AM/CW/MCW Selectivity: 6/2-.2 kHz 5 steps
Circuit: Triple Conversion Superheterodyne. 18 Tubes. Physical: 21.125x12.5x13.13" 43 Lbs. 536x317x333mm 19.5 kg
Circuit Complement: 6AK5 RF Amp, 6BE6 1st Mixer, 6BE6 Band 1 Mixer, 6BA6 Cal Osc, 6AK5 Crystal HF Osc, 6BE6 2nd Mixer, 6BA6 1st 500 kHz IF Amp, 6BA6 2nd 500 kHz IF Amp, 6BA6 3rd 500 kHz IF Amp, 12AX7 Detector/AVC Rectifier, 12AU7 AVC Amp/IF Out Cathode Follow, 12AX7 NL/1st Audio Amp, 6AQ5 Audio Power Amp, 6BA6 BFO, 5V4 Power Rectifier, 0A2 Volt. Reg., 6BA6 VFO Osc, 6BA6 Osc Isolation Amp. Double conversion from 3.5-30.5 MHz. Uses 70E-15 VFO.
Features: " Head. Jack S/AF Meter Antenna Trimmer Dial Lamp RF Gain AVC ON/OFF Dial Lamp BFO Dial Set Adjust IF Out Jack Rack Handles Calibrator 100 kHz. Standby ANL Mute
Accessories: 270G-3 Speaker
New Price: $1000 Used Price: $250-430
Comments: Designed for 19" rack mount. Requires speaker. Produced for the military under the R-388 number. Versions built for the Navy were tropicalized and had nonmagnetic cabinets. Could be converted to 51J-4 via the 354A-1 Collins Mechanical Filter Conversion Kit.

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