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Report #135 07/01/17

There are certainly some intriguing questions regarding the HM01 transmissions. We see periods of day after day repeats of all 6 message indicators and then there are periods where it seems that most if not all of the groups are changed on a daily basis. It is a very odd communications operation we are seeing. It makes one wonder if there is a lot of dummy traffic included in the volume being sent. Another possibility is that perhaps receiving conditions at Agents locations are so bad that they need to repeat messages multi-times each day/night to ensure reception.
The volume of repeats defies rational explanation. There are 11 daily schedules, each with some 10 repeats of messages per schedule. Is it really necessary to have so many repetitions to ensure reception of the traffic?

The Russian originated traffic from Cuba has been seen to include some of the old FAPSI link designators. A couple of those field stations receive traffic quite frequently but there are a few other field stations that according to monitored transmissions have only received an occasional message. This brings up the question of the possibility that there are other messages being sent but we simply as yet have not intercepted such schedules.
Perhaps as time goes by and more messages are seen, we can arrive at a more definitive understanding of this activity.

The Navajo Code Talkers by Doris A. Paul described the code utilized by Navajo Indians in the U.S. Marine Corps. From the book jacket -"The Navajo Indians who rallied to Americas call during World War II, to perform a unique and vital duty--that of devising and employing a secret code using their native tongue, a code which proved totally indecipherable to the enemy--are immortalized in this fascinating work. WWII buffs will delight in this dramatic and thoroughly researched account of what has too long been treated as a footnote in history". One of the exhibits at the NSA Cryptologic Museum, located near Ft. Meade, MD is a display entitled "Native American Code Talkers". Members of many American Indian tribes were employed during WWII for encrypted voice communications. Such coded voice messages never were broken by the enemy.

End of Report

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