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Report #123 07/01/16

The traffic continues and the pattern remains as it has been in the past. Messages will show the 5th digit usually increasing by 1 on a usually daily basis. Then traffic will be seen where the group digits stay the same for extended periods of time. If there is a logical reason for this, it escapes me.

Readers will recall my previous numerous references to utilizing GOOGLE EARTH computer program to search the map of Nicaragua for evidence of the locations of the four former intercept installations provided to the Sandinistas by the Russians. These facilities were constructed beginning in 1982. Over a two year time span I attempted to locate those sites. I have concluded I either was unable to spot those locations or they had in fact simply been dismantled and abandoned years ago.

Recently an article by Bill Gertz on the freebeacon.com web site indicated that the Russians had concluded an arrangement with Nicaragua for the sale of 50 T-72 Russian tanks plus Russian construction of a communications monitoring installation. The location of the site has not been confirmed but it could possibly be designed to appear as a Russian GLONASS satellite navigation tracking facility which reportedly is soon to be completed. Some Nicaraguan news sources have indicated the GLONASS station is near a site north of Managua, identified as Laguna de Najapa. However this location identification is evidently in error. Utilizing GOOGLE EARTH program the site was found to be SSE of Managua. In an enlarged Google view, a large dish antenna installation can be seen approximately 675 feet to the left of the Laguna. Some other news reports indicated the antenna location was on the Caribbean coast?? The new construction would appear to establish that the former intercept sites had indeed been closed some time ago.

End of Report

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