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Report #121 03/01/16

Another great NASWA Winter SWL Fest took place in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania February 19-20, 2016. Fellow SWLer Gary Donnelly and I arrived mid-afternoon on the 18th. We like to arrive early thus giving us a chance to chat with other attendees before the Forums commenced. The Fest organizers had again prepared an interesting group of Forums. I enjoyed in particular the presentation by Kevin Carey with his "Longwave Beacons: The Perfect DX Target." Kevin graciously made his talk available to anyone desiring a copy and he Emailed it to those individuals. When I got back home I put it on a CD thus having it available for frequent review. A "2016 Survey of Shortwave Receivers" by Tom Witherspoon was a timely update on currently available equipment. I also found "A Dive Into Nostalgia: My Picks for Best Receivers of All Time" by Dan Robinson to be extremely interesting as I have used many of the receivers he covered in his talk. And as always,"Pirate Radio" by George Zeller was both entertaining and informative. This year I did not luck out with the prize drawing. I bought my usual $50 of tickets but did not hit. However Gary won two prizes with one being the Grand Prize of a CommRadio CR1-a.

There have not been any additional reports of this odd transmission which took place on 11 January on the Hamilton, ON, Canada FM station on 89.1 MHZ. (See Report #120)

Here is a question I have that has bothered me for some time. If the one-up increase in the 5th digit of some groups signifies the number of days the callup group has been sent, what does it mean when a group remains the same for several days?

  4 Feb HM01 11435 kHz - Starts with previous days callup groups then stops at 041553. Then sends new groups at 041557
  5 Feb HM01 11435 Radio Havana on at 051600 for few minutes. HM01 callup groups on at 051604
  8 Feb M08a on 8009 at 082259 in traffic but uncopy
11 Feb HM01 11435 Sends few callup groups from previous day then into new groups at 111558
11 Feb V02a 7554 Thought I heard this signal but very weak signal. Ary Boender confirmed it was heard by a monitor in Spain.
16 Feb HM01 11435 Started with few groups from previous day then into new groups at 161557
23 Feb HM01 11435 Radio Havana off and on several times. Dropped 231600

Several times during the Winter SWL Festival I tried to monitor some of the Cuban activity. However our hotel room was on the opposite side of the building as compared with our room last year. While I had very good reception last year, this year it was not good with signals very weak. I could tell the transmission was in progress but copy was not possible due to such lousy signals.

End of Report

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