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Report #119 01/01/16

ENIGMA V02a - A study of 8 months logs revealed V02a replaced M08a on 7554 kHz, 2000Z schedules as follows: 19 February, 3rd Thursday; ##10 April, 2nd Friday; 28 May, 4th Thursday; 11 June 2nd Thursday; 20 August 3rd Thursday; 24 September 4th Thursday; 8 October 2nd Thursday; 29 October 5th Thursday; 17 December 3rd Thursday. he oily exception is the one marked ##. From these limited observations it would certainly appear some Thursday 2000Z schedules are deliberate V02a schedules and not Cuban operator screw-ups. This study will continue in 2016.

ENIGMA HM01 - 9 December 1600 schedule, 11435 kHz: Started with 2nd callup group and repeats each callup group[ twice then into RDFT for each group. The 1800Z schedule, 11635 kHz: All callup group[s had an echo group. l27 December 1600Z schedule, 11435 kHz: At 271622 a signal sounding like SITOR A appeared accompanied by a tone decreasing from high to low and repeating. Signal off at 271624. Then into callup groups and RDFT. Ary Boender of Numbers & Oddities Newsletter advised me on 5 December he had received an Email report that during the 1800Z HM01 schedule on 11635 kHz,an RDFT burst was being transmitted over and over on top of the normal HM01 signal. The burst contained a 936 byte file ppp2.txt with the following repeated 18 times: "esto es una prueba de tx con mto de yvc....saludos"
Translation: "This is a transmission test with 'mto' from 'yvc'...greetings" Based on this it would seem perhaps the callup groups also may have a three-letter designation. In this transmission MTO was the recipient and YVC the sender. I wonder if this indicates DGI Hqs is YVC and the field agent is MTO?

An article in the January 2001 Miami Herald outlined the DGI organization, a portion of which consists of eight departments designated with the letter M plus Roman numerals:
MI - Infiltration of U.S. government agencies
MIII - Collection/analysis of all information received
MV - Supports "illegal" intelligence officers
MI - Active Measures. Use of disinformation
MX - Office of DGI Chief
MXI - Monitoring of telephone calls & airplane radio communications
MXV - Handles communications between Havana and agents in the U.S.
MXIX - Infiltration of "counter-revolutionary" Cuban exile groups

Periodically I like to reread books I previously read some years ago. This time I selected three related books. The first was "Weapon of Silence" written by Theodore F. Koop. It was published in 1946 and describes the efforts of the Official Censors during WWII. Next was "Radio Warfare" which was the first book written on the subject of OSS and CIA Subversive Propaganda and it was published in 1989,. The third book was "Warriors of Disinformation" by Alvin A, Snyder who was a former director of USIS's TV & Film Service and the book details "How Lies, Videotape, and the USIA Won the Cold War." I am currently reading "The Cold War Spy Pocket Manual" edited by Philip Parker. I was tipped off to this book by the review written by Ary Boender which appeared in Edition #218 dated November 2015 of his N & O Newsletter. Like Ary, I was extremely interested in the description of the duties of the GRU Radio/Cipher Officers. This book is available from Amazon.com.

kHz    Remarks/Date-Time of Intercept [DDHHMM]
    216 Beacon CLB Wilmington, NC 250303
    245 Beacon LUA Luray, VA 250304
    362 Beacon SB Sudbury, ON, Canada 250311
    391 Beacon DDP Dorado, Puerto Rico 25306
    432 Beacon IZN Lincolnton, NC 250316
16134 FAX, Poss KVM70, Honolulu, HI 101954
16332 Russian Military Beacon "S" Severomorsk 101929
17150 FAX, possibly Pt Reyes, CA, USCG 101948
18594 Two OM/EE in USB, appears one is giving his position report 101936

End of Report

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2016 Don Schimmel.