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Report #118 12/01/15

I am sure some are asking "What the heck is Schimmel talking about"? Well there really is a radio connection!
I recently completed an educational course on DVD with the above title. One of the lectures described a 1959 Scientific Paper which discussed possible communications with extraterrestrial civilizations (if there are any). The paper pointed out that listening to radio waves would be the best method to detect interstellar communications. The laws of physics show there is a special wavelength of 21 centimeters (1420 megahertz) which is the frequency broadcast by the hydrogen element. Radio telescopes are tuned to that frequency and this is the strategy being used in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). Another frequency monitored is 1700 megahertz which the dydroxyl molecule (HO) broadcasts. HO is an ion appearing where there is a lot of water (H2O). For details on courses see www.thegreatcourses.com

According to one critic, there are innumerable errors in the film which depicts the exchange of Gary Powers, U2 pilot downed over Russia, and KGB Colonel Vilyam Fisher. My guess is that the film is another example of Hollywood believing they know best how to portray historical events. For an accurate description of the complete details which finally led to the exchange, read "The Kremlin's Geordie Spy" by Vin Arthey.

ENIGMA M08a - The callup normally observed on weekend schedules was also seen on a Monday, 16 November on 7554 kHz. I recall one other instance when the weekend callup was heard on another day, a Friday, 24 April, also on 7554 kHz.

ENIGMA HM01 - A very unusual shift in the callup groups order took place on 11 November when the 1st and 2d callup groups were 48081 43331. On the 12th the groups were 48082 43332. On 13-15 November 48083 43333. On the 16th 48084 43334 appeared but they were now the 5th and 6th callup groups??

ENIGMA V21 (Cuban Babbler) - I asked Ary Boender, Editor of the Numbers & Oddities newsletter to fill me in on V21. I mentioned I had somewhere read that this was Air Defense. Ary replied it was indeed suspected being such activity as it was similar to that heard from Russian, Chinese, and Armanian Air Defense Forces. If that is true why do we not hear the Cubans periodically during a 24 hour period? Instead these communications appear to be limited. Is it possible that the Cuban transmissions are another format for Agent Broadcasts, disguised to resemble a different type transmission?

REFERENCE 'LATE ITEM' of Report #117.
I am guilty of an error in the information. Mr. Fumble-fingers was in action again. The schedule was 2000 UTC and the frequency was 7554 kHz. As indicated, Mike Chace Oriz identified the noise heard on this frequency as being FUG, French Navy, STANAG4285 data modem transmissions. The transmitting site is at La Regine, near Saissac, France. Wikipedia shows the broadcasts are messages to submerged submarines. The transmitter mast was built in 1973 and is over 1000 feet tall, higher than the Eiffel Tower.

kHz/comments/Date Time of Intercept
7554 Two OM/EE on freq briefly. Then Alfa Alfa callup. Talking re S. Carolina wx. This is MARS activity. 092114 8011 Several OM/SS in USB chatting. (I can't keep up with them.) EN UN HORA..TRABAJO PARA TODOS LOS DIAS....BARCO... Possibly fishermen 022314 11174.7 OM/EE in USB w/EAM broadcast. This is U.S. Air Force Global HF System 121527 12654 TAH, CW call tape, Istanbul, Turkey 271900. Also on 8434 kHz & 8431 kHz. 12788 FAX, possibly NMG New Orleans, LA 242018 14670 CHU Ottawa, ON, Canada in USB w/time signal 241737 16529 Several OM chatting in unid language 241637 6808 WLO, Mobile, AL in CW w/call tape 241633

End of Report

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2015 Don Schimmel.