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Report #116 10/01/15

I found this book to be a most revealing compilation of information regarding many activities of "El Lider Maximu." Former bodyguard Juan Renaldo Sanchez served Castro for 17 years. He wanted to retire early and for that intent he was jailed. He was finally able to escape from Cuba in 2008 having tried previously ten times to get away. Sanchez is now a resident of Miami where he lives with his family. The book was written with the aid of French "L'Express" reporter, Axel Gylden. It was published in 2014 and the English translation was published in May 2015. Extremely interesting were the details describing the training camp in Cuba at Punto Cero de Guanabo. This camp had been opened for the express purpose of exporting revolution. The training period ran about 6-9 months and the various groups were kept separated. Colombians, Salvadorans and Guatemalans were all in the camp at the same time but were not aware of each others presence.

Significant efforts were made by the DGI "Departamento America" to recruit individuals such as Adina Basidas when she was an advisor to the Sandinista Government. Twenty years later she was Vice President of Venezuela. Then there was Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Trade Unionist from Brazil who 12 years later became President of Brazil. Fidel's intelligence targets in the U.S. included the Administration in Washington, DC, Officials at the United Nations, Cuban exiles in Florida, and Castrist sympathizers at Colleges/Universities.

On Saturday 19 September, I thought there was jamming on the HM01 1600, 1700 and 1800 schedules. The QRM covered approximately 6 kHz on each side of the11435, 11530 and 11635 kHz A query to Mike Chace-Ortiz brought the reply that he had also heard the QRM but he believed it was a bad transmitter. He pointed out he had heard Russian and Egyptian Diplomatic at times with such noisy transmitters. The increase by one of the 5th digits of the six callup groups continued during the month but stopped on 27 September. It will probably resume at sometime in the future.

For identification purposes the crypto systems appearing as the decodes are designated as follows:
System A - Oriental appearing characters
System B - Computer characters
System C - File .F1G
System D - File .F1C
System E - File .PIR
Decoded messages for March, April and May 2015 were examined and it was seen that the decodes for callup group 2 seem to always be in System B. The other callup groups were noted with each utilizing 2 or more of the systems. The figure 9 only appeared in the file numbers twice in the second callup group and once in the 5th callup group.

I studied these callup loggings for the period of September 2014 - August 2015. As many other monitors have no doubt observed, the 5th character of each of the (usually) three callup groups is either an N (2) or an A (1). There were a couple exceptions but I believe these were probably typographical errors on my part. I realize that since I did not have 100% of the transmissions sent during the period studied, my results could be somewhat skewed. There were two Mondays with just one callup group sent and that was on 30 March when group GNDIN was on 8096 on the 1400 schedule. Then on 11 May the group was GRRTA on 8009 kHz on the 2300 schedule. On Sunday March 29 RIGMT ANDUW appeared on 8096 kHz at 1400 and repeated on 7554 kHz at 2000.These are cut numbers 67890 12345 and no doubt indicated no traffic forthcoming. A variation appeared on 27 September on the 1400 schedule on 8096 kHz with the transmission of ANDUW RIGMT and after every 5th sending, RIGMT was repeated. Then back to the ANDUW RIGMT sequence.

On 13 September I heard what is probably Old Time Radio on 6770 kHz at 2309 UTC. An episode of Duffy's Tavern was being broadcast. A query to George Zeller confirmed that the station is on the air frequently but George pointed out it is always without an ID.

A visit to this Web site produced a number of interesting items. "Is there mass surveillance in Russia?", "Putin Assembles a Congress of Losers", "No Place to Hide by Glenn Greenwald: A Review.", and "The True Role of the FSB in the Ukrainian Crises." I am amazed they are able to publish these articles.

Freq in kHz/Comments/Date-Time of Intercept
  6518 YL/EE in USB w/wx for Caribbean area 132305
  6606 VVV DE 4XZ in CW. Haifa Naval, Israel 132306
  6754 OM/EE in USB w/wx for Gander NF & Halifax NS 150114
14902 OM/EE in USB working numerous stations in various U.S. Regions. This is probably AFE38, Maxwell AFB, LA. This is a USAF/Civil Air Patrol network 141900

End of Report

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2015 Don Schimmel.