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Report #114 08/01/15

The increase by one in the 5th digit for each of the 6 groups continued 1-3 July. Then on 4 July the practice ceased with the groups remaining the same until 21 July. At that time the first group changed and the other 5 groups again were seen with the 5th digit increase. I can't offer any logical explanation whey they flip-flop the above procedure. I have not detected a pattern but I plan to again carefully look through the past six months loggings to see if anything gives an indication of the purpose of this strange practice.

In July, two instances of late transmitter tuning were noted. The first time was 10 July on 7554 kHz and the late tuning commenced at 102032 and continued for a few minutes. No traffic was sent. Then on 31 July on 8096 kHz the late tuning was again seen, this time at 311425 and continuing for several minutes. Again no traffic was sent.

FAPSI - (Russian) Federal Agency of Government Communications and Information
While going through some old files I ran across a list of Soviet COMINT and SIGINT posts during the period of the late 70s and early 80s. I do not recall the source of the list which was in Russian and English. What caught my eye was that this list included 14 sites in the Western Hemisphere. There were three in Washington DC, three in New York, two in San Francisco, two in Cuba and 1 each in Montreal, Mexico, Brazil, and Nicaragua. The FAPSI WH Network had 14 stations: YBU WFO MIG BPO SPK GMN NDO KRN WNY PSN HZW KAC BAR JMS. Coincidence??

An examination of the dates of the images for Nicaragua indicated they were from 1969, 2005/2006 and 2014/2015. I wish I had discovered this earlier because I spent a lot of time trying to locate the four intercept sites the Russians provided for the Sandinista. Since the period I was interested in was roughly 1982-1988, there was no way I would have found the sites on the available images.

kHz    Remarks & Time of Intercept (DDHHMM)
    317 Beacon CBE Cumberland, MD 172202
  6501 OM/EE in USB w/winds-sea conditions. Prob USCG Portsmouth VA 172203
  6603 OM/EE in USB ZNY Radio w/airport wx 172210
12750 FAX Prob NMF USCG Boston MA 281826
12790 FAX Prob NMG USCG San Francisco CA 281828
12935 CQ DE HLG CW call tape. Seoul S. Korea 281831
13528 Russian Military beacon C Moscow 182655
13680 Shortwave BCst stn. Asiatic lang, poss Korean. Jamming on top of signal 281504
13882.5 FAX Prob DDK6 Hamburg Germany w/meteo 151944
14100 Iternatioal Beacons YV5B Caracas, Venezuela; 4U1UN United Nations; OA4B Lima, Peru 162224
16332.7 Russian Military beacon D Sevastopol 282253; K Petropaviovsk Kamchotskiy 151928; F Vladovostok 162229
17144.5 FAX, prob USCG N.Orleans LA 151939

End of Report

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2015 Don Schimmel.