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Report #113 07/01/15

A trip to the Emergency Room turned into a stay of a week in the hospital. Various tests revealed I had a Hernia and an Ulcer. I am now back home and on regular food. I sure did not feel 100% and as a result I did very little monitoring.

Tue   2 June 8135 kHz HM01 & M08a at same time. 022305
Wed  3 June 8009 kHz HM01 & M08a at same time. 032259
Thu   4 June 8135 kHz Should be M08a. Instead is HM01. 042303
Fri   5 June 8135 Should be M08a. Instead is HM01. 052300
Wed 10 June 8009 kHz M08a & HMJ01 at same time. 102300
Thu 11 June 7554 kHz Should be M08a. Instead is YLSS w/5F groups. Very weak signal. 112004
Tue 30 June 8096 kHz M08a callup NDTGN DNDNA UGRUA. During this transmission there was brief tuning of another transmitter on top of M08a signal. 301359

End of Report

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