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Report #112 06/01/15

I just completed reading two extremely interesting books. The first was "Stalin's Secret Agents" by M. Stanton Evans and Herbert Rommerstein. The book explains in great detail the infiltration of various U.S. Departments, Agencies, and even into the White House by Soviet "Agents of Influence". Many of the identities and much of the information was corroborated by the VENONA decrypts. These encrypted messages were transmitted by Moscow to their agents in the United States. The second book was "Fidel and Che" by Simon Reid-Henry. Of the many revealing facts in the book, one in particular was the following which was shortly before Che was captured and subsequently killed in Bolivia. Che kept listening to Fidel on the radio but even if there were coded messages from Havana in the shortwave broadcasts, Che no longer had a book of ciphers so he could not read them. This indicates that for possibly some time, Che did not know what information Havana was transmitting to him.

This activity if normally Cuban cut numbers sent in CW but several times this month the transmissions were messed up.
12 May 8009 kHz The cut numbers and HM01 signals were sent at the same time 122313
14 May 8135 kHz HMZ01 w/yesterday groups. Sops and then starts Cuban cut numbers in CW. 42301
28 May 7554 kHz YHLK/SS w/5F groups in LSB. 282001
29 May 8135 kHz Should be Cuban cut numbers in CW. Instead is HM01. 292302
30 May 8009 kHz Should be Cuban cut numbers in CW. But it appears they trying send HM01. Signal off and on several times. Dropped 302328

In the June 2015 edition of The Spectrum Monitor, Ron Walsh, who writes the Maritime column, entitled his article "Keeping the Ships Moving on the Welland Canal". The canal name is what caught my eye. My Great Great Grandfather, Alexander F. Bunker, made the trip from Oswego, NY to Milwaukee, WI via the Great Lakes. Alexander was accompanied on the trip by his wife, and 6 of their 10 children. The duration of the trip was two weeks and involved passage through the Welland Canal. I have the letter which Alexander, upon his arrival in Wisconsin, wrote to his son Nathaniel M Bunker who was still in New York. Alexander said it took them 4 days to get through the canal. The actual distance was only 28 miles to make the rise (8 locks, 326 feet) from the Lake Ontario level to that of Lake Erie. Alexander attributed the delays to the lack of a team and to breaks. It was not clear if he was referring to breaks in the canal or breaks in the team riggings. Upon arrival off shore at Milwaukee the boat had to anchor way out and the passengers and their belongings were transported to shore by steamer boats. The women left Milwaukee the next morning and did not arrive in Troy Center, WI at the house of a brother of Alexander until in the evening. The distance could now be accomplished by car in about an hour but at the time they made the rip it took all day.

10872 kHz Beacon C, Moscow 312054
13528 kHz Beacon C, Moscow 271613
16332 kHz Beacon D, Sevastopol 312052
16332 kHz Beacon F, Vladivostok 312216

End of Report

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2015 Don Schimmel.