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Report #111 05/01/15

The Martinsburg, WV 911 Central Dispatch has approved proposals for equipment upgrades and renovations which total $2.5 million. These upgrades include a new radio system, recording equipment and a telephone system. The most expensive portion was for the new radio system which was awarded to Motorola, which includes all vendor hardware, software and maintenance for the first year. Source: Martinsburg Journal

On 7984 kHz at 222305 I heard AUN AUN DE AUA K. This was very slow, sloppy, hand sent CW. Additional calls were sent by AUA and they were AUO, AUJP, AUB and AUE. The latter two stations were told QSX2 and QSX3 respectively. I missed the next callup and then AUA sent Spanish text. ..NSTGALEO DE NW UN HORA...O AUJGORIZADO POR .EN.RO (possibly CENTRO) 1077/1...RT INSTOR.L QRU QAPMIT.IMZ ME/ONN AAA AR. The time of intercept was 222316. I never heard any of the out stations, only the station which appeared to be net control. I was unable to ID this activity so I Emailed Ary Boender and asked him if he knew what this was. He replied that in the past the Argentine Military had been heard on this frequency with callsigns such as LTI, LTK, LTL, and LTM. I listened on the frequency again the next evening and could then see that the sloppy AUN was really LTN. The other sloppy calls were LTA (net control) and out stations LTF, LTE, LTB, and LTO. My thanks to Ary for tipping me off to the ID.

  9 April Strange signal right on top of the Cuban transmissions on 16180 and 17540 kHz.
10 April The 1700 schedule on 11530 ran until 101813. Then on the correct frequency of 11635 kHz at 101814.
14 April Should have been on 16180 kHz but instead was on 11635 kHz. At 142114 now on 16180 kHz.
17 April On 11635 at 182139. Then shifts to correct frequency of 10715 kHz at 172202.

24 April Should have been on 8135 kHz. Instead was on 7554 kHz at 242316.
28 April Cuban cut numbers in CW on 8135 kHz along with YL/SS with 5F groups at same time. 282300

This activity was heard at 022304 on 8617.9 kHz and also heard at 142300 on 8014 kHz. Both times sending traffic of 5L groups.

14100 YV5B Caracas, Venezuela 241257
18110 OA4B Lima, Peru 241305
21150 VE8AT Eureka Nunavut, Canada 242309
21150 LU4AA Buenos Aires, Argentina

End of Report

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