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Report #109 03/01/15

This years Fest was another very well planned and conducted affair. I enjoyed all of the presentations but my favorites were these: The Year in Pirate Radio by George Zeller; Ultralight Mediumwave DXing by Gary Donnelly; UFOs, Gliders, and Planes by Tom Swisher; Being a Broadcast Anthropologist by Mark Fahey; and Recognizing Digital HF Signals by Mike Chace-Ortiz.
A real treat for me was the attendance by Edith Lennon, former Editor of Popular Communications. I am forever indebted to her because while she was at PopComm she obtained back payments for me which I thought I would never receive.

As described in the Martinsburg Journal, bids were opened by the Berkeley County Council for upgrading the radio consoles. The bids were submitted by Spoke and Motorola Solutions. The County Council also opened bids for a 911 call taking system and 911 call recording equipment. The upgrade will allow recording of what appears on the computer screen at the same time as the recording of the audio conversations.

Approximately 200 VA Health Administration facilities are to have communications backup capability for fixed stations and vehicles. No doubt the VA Hospital in Martinsburg, WV will be included. This hospital is the core of the federal disaster relief plan covering nuclear accidents. In such an emergency, the VA would work with various other federal agencies and departments to coordinate relief efforts.

In decoding some of these messages it is interesting to see that there are some which will not print out the enciphered text. Usually the file number is followed by .txt but there are some other file designators such as .F1G, .F1C and .PIR observed to date. These will not print out. Also interesting is the early result that it appears there are at least two enciphered text formats. One seems to be composed of Oriental appearing characters. The other is an extensive mixture of characters. One member of our working group suggested the latter format may be Unicode-16. Further details regarding it can be found at:

Thursday 12 Feb 7554 kHz
Should be Cuban cut numbers in CW. Instead it is Atencion 20142 42772 55212 best heard in LSB 121959
Tuesday 17 Feb 7554 kHz
Should be Cuban cut numbers in CW. Instead is Atencion 07671 11012 24331 best heard in LSB 171959, Another transmitter being tuned.
Atencion signal off 172001. Now cut numbers in CW 172007
Thursday 19 Feb 7554 kHz
Should be cut numbers in CW. Instead is Atencion foll by 3 - 5F groups announced by YL/SS then into 5F groups 192000

kHz    Letter Location    Date/Time heard
20048    D    Sevastopol    201637
16632    D    Sevastopol    201639
20048    S    Severomorsk  211441
20048    D    Sevastopol    211443

13472,2 NR86 F 242022 23 2014 BT Text of 5L groups at 211919

Freq Callsign Location     Date/Time heard
24930 ZS6DN Pretoria, S. Africa 211523
24930 OH2B Lohja, Finland 211524
21150 W6WX Mt Umunhum, U.S. 211922
21150 OA4B Lima, Peru 211926
18110 ZDS6DN Pretoria, S. Africa 211927
18110 5Z4B Kariobani, Kenya 211932
18110 OA4B Lima, Peru 211933
18110 VE8AT Eureka Nunavut, Canada 211934

End of Report

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2015 Don Schimmel.