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Report #102 08/04/14

Although the article is a few years old, it never-the-less is a very interesting insight into Russian efforts to establish increased intelligence assets. What makes the details so revealing is that it is from the Russian Web site, Agentura.ru. Years ago the English presentations on the site were often rather crude. But over time, there has been a steady improvement in the quality of the material. I am amazed that the site is able to publish such information. For the article and other information go to

Two recent articles, one in the Business Insider, and the other in The Diplomat, indicate the Russians and Cubans have agreed to reopen the SIGINT site at Lourdes, Cuba. The site was set up in 1964 and was in operation until 2001 when it was shut down reportedly due to financial issues and American pressure. The agreement was reached during the visit to Cuba by Russian President Vladimir Putin. News of the agreement was first reported in the Russian newspaper, Kommersant. Russian media reported "The decision to return to Cuba can be explained by Russia's long strengthened financial capabilities, as well as cooling of relations with the U.S."

I recently began to use the Google Earth program to check out some locations. With the above news regarding the Lourdes, Cuba site, I thought it would be interesting to see if any construction was apparent in the vicinity of Lourdes. I also wanted to look at the four areas in Nicaragua where starting in 1982 the Soviets built intercept facilities for the Sandinistas. The four Nicaraguan locations are Puerto Cabezas, Santa Maria, Santa Rosa, and San Francisco. I wondered if these sites were still in use. There are so many places bearing the same name in the country that thus far I have only figured out where two such locations are: Puerto Cabezas and the San Francisco located just north of Lake Nicaragua.

I have observed numerous times that the transmitter is tuned up on frequency but there is no traffic forthcoming. This tends to indicate the transmitter facility does not know ahead of time if there is to be traffic or not. Another observation is that the transmissions on the 1000 UTC schedule are so often not in sync, this seems to show there are two separate signals provided to the transmitter facility. Keyed lines from the message center or tapes, CDs, whatever! On 16 July I was surprised by the appearance of a brief contact between two OM/SS in LSB on 8097 kHz. The transmitter had been tuned at 161353. Then at 161359 the voice transmissions was observed. A few numbers were heard and then at 161405 the Cuban cut numbers in CW commenced. There was no call up noted, Very strange!

Freq/Remarks/Time of Intercept [DDHHMM]
13110 WLO, Mobile, AL lYL/EE in USB with wx 022315
15986 CQ DE DDK8 DDK7 RTTY 50/433 w/RYs. Lists freqs 11638 and 15988. 021354
16332 Russian Military beacon C - Moscow 032314
16332 Russian Military beacon D - Sevastopol 032315
16270 Poss VHK, Lyndoch, Australia 021744
16550 3 OM/?? in USB. Uniden lang 021741
16808 WLO, Mobile, AL w/call tape 021738
16971 FAX prob JJC, Kyodo, Japan 021736
17180 Time Sig LOL B.A., Argentina 021728
17362 YL/EE with wx. Poss WLO, Mobile, AL 021721

End of Report

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