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Report #100 06/01/14

Last month I mentioned the intercept installations built by the Russians for the Sandinistas in the early 1980s. Russia is turning to Nicaragua to increase Russian presence in the Western Hemisphere. RIA Novosti on 26 Feb stated Russia wanted to establish naval bases in Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela. On April 1 RIA Novosti indicated Russia wanted to set up a network of stations in Nicaragua for monitoring Russia's Global Navigation satellites. Perhaps the four intercept sites in Nicaragua will serve that purpose plus replace the loss of the intercept facilities the Russians formerly had in Cuba.

The County Commission voted to upgrade the 911 radio system. Present emergency radio coverage in the county is approximately 60%. The recent vote could increase that figure to 95% coverage and improve responses to emergency communications.

ENIGMA HM01 is 6 groups announced by YL/SS plus RDFT signals.
ENIGMA M08a is
Cuban cut numbers in CW.
These activities continued to have problems in May.
Thu 082000 7554 kHz should have been cut numbers in CW. Instead it was YL/SS in LSB with messages in 5F groups.
Fri 091600 on 11435 The voice groups were previously sent 22-26 September 2013 and 7 December 2013. The 091700 sked was a repeat of groups sent on 2 May. On the 091800 sked new groups were sent. On the 092300 sked 8009 should have had cut numbers in CW. Instead 8155 kHz had HM01 signals.
Sat 102300 sked should have been on 8135. Instead it was on 8009 kHz with cut numbers in CW.
Wed 141600 sked Groups 1, 2, & 3 had the 5th digit increased by 4. Groups 4, 5, & 6 were the same as previously.
Thu 152200 sked started on 16180, then went to 10715. Should be on 17480. Finally on correct frequency at 152213
Fri 161800 on 11635 had both HM01 and M08a signals.
Fri 301600 on 11435 kHz 75041 84277 52337 88487 61226 02836
Fri 301700 on 11530 kHz 12667 76277 62107 75727 69187 66207
Fri 301800 on 11635 kHz 12667 76275 62107 75727 69185 66207
Fri 302100 on 11635 kHz 17561 92780 62108 75727 69185 66208
Four changes in the groups in five hours.

  8040 Fax, prob GYA, Royal Navy London, GB at 192314
  8135 Poss FSK Morse, very weak and bad QRN 282304
  8137 Two OM/EE in USB. One asks for WX for several locations. Little River, Surf City, and Cape Lookout mentioned 162302
13528 Russian Military beacon "C" Moscow 282208
13882 Fax, poss DDK6 Hamburg Meteo, Germany 232219
14466 RTTY 51/458 Prob DDH8 Hamburg Meteo, Germany 282214
14478 OM/SS in USB w/Religious program 282219
16332 Russian Military Beacons "C" Moscow and D Sevastopol 282207
17430 Fax Prob KYODO News, Singapore 101600
20048 Russian Military Beacon "K" Petropavlovsk Kamchatskey 282205
End of Report

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2014 Don Schimmel.