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Report #099 05/01/14

Last month I mentioned a news item telling of the unannounced visit to Cuba of a Russian intelligence ship. A recent article indicated the Viktor Leonov has been operating near the east coast of the U.S. The Leonov is accompanied by the Nikolay Chiker, A Russian naval tug. Probable intercept targets were the U.S. Naval Station at Mayport, FL and the U.S. nuclear missile submarine base at Kings Bay, GA. Source: Washington Free Beacon, article by Bill Gertz.

When the Russians gave up the two monitoring stations they had manned for years, the Chinese moved in. There is a bit of a controversy regarding the dates because one article indicated the Russians quit the bases in January 2002 and another article stated the Chinese have been operating the stations since 1999!?

I have often wondered what became of the monitoring stations in Nicaragua. In 1982 the Soviets built a intercept station for the Sandinistas. This was at Santa Rosa which is located Northwest of Managua. This was followed by the construction of three additional facilities. One at San Francisco, East of Managua; Santa Maria, South of Managua; and at Puerto Cabezas on the Northeast coast of Nicaragua.

On 10 April the 2000 schedule should have had Cut numbers in CW but instead it was a YL/SS in LSB with a text of 5F groups. On Sunday 27 April on 7554 kHz the cut numbers transmission repeated groups previously sent on 12 April on 7554 and on 13 April on 8096, 7554, and 8135.

During April the 1000 schedule was checked frequently. The two frequencies often have the audio signal not in sync.
Throughout the month there were numerous instances of a schedule starting only to stop and then restart. It appeared this was an effort to start the schedule on the hour but this was not necessarily true all the time.
Every now and then a transmission would have overlapping groups announced. This double signal made copy tough at times.
Another error noted was Cut numbers in CW coming up on the HM01 frequency and the error was discovered and the HM01 transmissions would replace the CW signal.
On 27 April the 2200 schedule on 10715 kHz had a repeat of the groups previously sent on the 2200 schedule on 22 April and on all schedules on 23 April up to the 1600 schedule at which time the groups changed.

  kHz  Callsign   Location   UCT TIME
14100 YV5B Caracas, Venezuela 271910
21150 OH2B Lohja, Finland 271915
21150 OA4B Lima, Peru 271915
21150 YV5B Caracas, Venezuela 271916

  kHz   Remarks Time [DDHHMM]
  8016   Auto CW 5 letter groups. NR 68 A 0301 1755 2014 BT This prob ENIGMA M51. Heard at 022315
15671   Sounds like a Coquelet sig. Lengthy transmissions, then pauses and goes into what sounds like idle mode. 271950
17361   YL/EE in USB with Winds & Seas info. 152310
End of Report

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