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Report #097 03/01/14

Well, the Cubans did it again. On the Friday 28 February schedule on 11530 kHz, the group sequence was a repeat of groups sent in September 2013 and January 2014. There may very possibly be other instances found when I complete looking through all of my 2013 logs. Lately there does seem to be an effort by the Cubans to tighten up their operation. Schedules appear to be more often starting on time and the transmissions begin with the correct group as the first group of the sequence. For example: If a group other than the correct first group is sent, the transmission is stopped and restarted with the correct group. It will be interesting to see if this continues.

This Russian Agent broadcast takes place on Mondays at 1600 UTC and reportedly also at 1830 UTC on the same day. The callup is 938 938 938(followed by a digit indicating the quantity of messages, it is usually 1). This callup is repeated multiple times and then into fast automatic Morse. When HM01 fires up their transmitter the Russian signal is completely blocked. M12 was heard this month on the 1600 UTC schedule on 3 and 24 February.

This Russian web site always has interesting items. Many articles show that the Media is getting away with content, that under the former Soviet regime, would never see the light of day! A recent item revealed efforts by Russia's Federal Security (FSB) and the Russian intercept of telephone and electronic communications by the organization known as SORM (exact title not given). The article was titled "FSB Makes Eavesdropping an Olympic Event". Two other related articles were "The Russian State and surveillance technology", and "Just Business: How Russian technology provides the eyes and ears for the world's Big Brother's".
The web site is at http://agentura.ru/english

LOGGINGS (in kHz with UTC time [DDHHMM])
  7554 At various times during the day there are frequent U/I burst transmissions on this frequency
  8005.9 GE GE GE GE etc. Signal had a plinking sound. 262312
12935.1 CQ DE HLG (Seoul, S. Korea) in CW 042303
18376.7 Raspy multiple transmissions, each of 3 seconds duration. 141743
19209.7 RDL (Moscow Navy) in FSK CW at 141738

14100.1 W6WX, U.S. 031549 and OH2B Finland 031839
18110.0 YV5B Venezuela, OH2b Finland 051451
21150.2 OA4B Peru, YV5B Venezuela,W6WX U.S. 031555

End of Report

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2014 Don Schimmel.