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Report #096 02/01/14

GHM01 & M08a
Well the Cubans had another month full of operating errors such as frequent starts and stops, being on the wrong frequency, two signals on the same frequency, transmissions running into following schedules, etc.
Receiving conditions at my location on 29 January were extremely poor. Other than hearing M08a CW traffic on 8096.3 kHz at 1400 UT I did not hear any other Cuban signals during the remainder of the day. On 30 January M08a appeared again and HM01 voice groups were noted with the 5th digit of each group increasing by one each day. Some logs from other monitors showed the 31 January 0500, 0700, and 0800 schedules with 83381 22574 15441 50182 08444 51835. But on the afternoon schedules the groups had changed to 83522 76105 65312 66784 17704 28278. The 83881 sequence was a repeat of groups passed 16-21 September. Then the groups changed on 22 September to 56801 22574 15441 50182 08444 51835. On 24 September it was back and forth between the 56801 and 83381 sequences. On 27 September the sequence had reverted to 83381 but by 1 October the groups had been changed again to another sequence. I am firmly convinced, in view of practices like the above, a large volume of the traffic passed has to be DUMMY TRAFFIC! It is a mystery why the Cubans conduct such overkill of these daily transmissions. The electrical cost of transmitter use 12 hours every day must be expensive. Why they persist in needless repetitive transmissions of Agent communications is indeed strange? Perhaps they believe that the sheer volume of traffic would imply to observers that an Extensive Agent capability exists??

On 27 January I set up one of my receivers for the upcoming 1600 UCT HM01 schedule on 11435 kHz. What I heard was 938 938 938 1 repeated multiple times. The HM01 transmitter then came on the air and it completely blocked the 938 signal. Ary Boender has since advised me that the 938 transmissions have been identified as Russian Agent traffic and designated by ENIGMA as M12. This activity takes place apparently on a weekly basis on Mondays on 11435 kHz at 1600 and 1830 UCT.

Frequently I have heard burst type transmissions on 7554.4 kHz at various times. I do not have a clue as to what type of signal this is nor the source identity.

End of Report

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