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Report #095 01/08/14

Ary Boender of Numbers & Oddities newsletter has advised me that the HM01 0500 schedule now appears to have changed frequency to 12180 kHz for daily use. Ary also said the 0600 frequency was now 11435 kHz also on a daily basis. I looked through the HM01 logs for the Jan-Dec 2013 period and noted that each month there was a least one changeover of groups with the 5th digit increasing by one everyday, to groups where the 5th digit did not change. There does not seem to be a definite pattern to this practice but further study may reveal this is not a random occurrence.

On 3 December at 032101 UTC on 16180 kHz, just before the start of the HM01 2100 schedule, I heard two CW stations on the frequency. Once HM01 started I could no longer hear the CW stations. Prior to the HM01 QRM I did hear ...DE K2SR(K) or K2SR K which was followed by DE KD3D(K) or KD3D K. Looking up the calls showed they both could be Hams but if so what where they doing on 16180 kHz. I sought the assistance of Mike Chace who replied "A lot of the Russian Military now have CW calls that look like plausible amateur radio ones".

Morgan County, WV requested bids for local 911 and fire companies emergency communications. The bids were to cover service of five towers and installations. One of the County Commissioners estimated it would cost $900,000 in new equipment to obtain radio coverage for 95% of the county. No decision will be made without communications advisory board approval.

I just recently finished reading WARRIORS OF DISINFORMATION-How Lies, Videotape, and the U.S. Information Agency won the Cold War. Author Alvin A. Snyder. ISBN: 978-1-61145-516-8. The author, a former director of USIA's Television and Film Service, reveals the various propaganda campaigns sent out by the United States during the Cold War. This was a fascinating read and I recalled a related book I had read many years ago. I found it on my bookshelf and re-read it. RADIO WARFARE examines U.S. radio propaganda during World War II and analyzes the impact of this propaganda on U.S. post-war strategy. Author Lawrence C. Soley described the origins of subversive radio broadcasting and the birth of U.S. "Psychwar" agencies. Office of Strategic Services (OSS), Office of War Information (OWI) and other information agencies. The book was first published in 1989 and bears ISBN: 0-275-93051-3.

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