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Report #093 10/07/13

My concentrated coverage of this target continues. Over the past several months I monitored each day/sked/time/freq at least twice and more often, multiple times. I plan to devote another month of coverage to eliminate errors and confirm the data. Errors noted included wrong freqs, wrong times, etc. These errors are temporarily recorded but if they do not repeat more than a couple of times, they will not be included in the final chart.

Some interesting information was gleaned from a QSL reply in POP COMM magazine sent by Radio Havana to a US SWLer. The reception report concerned a Radio Havana Broadcast on 5040 kHz during 2336-0000 UTC. The transmitter was 100 KW using an antenna close to the ground which radiates mostly at a very high departure angle to provide the Near Vertical Incidence Skywave propagation mode for short distance coverage, mainly to the Cuban archipelago and nearby Antilles. The reply also stated that a stronger signal was on 6000 kHz later in the evening when the signal is beamed to the East Coast of North America with a 250 KW transmitter using a high gain curtain array, beaming to 010 degrees at the center of the antenna's horizontal pattern. The next frequency was 6165 kHz which was beamed to 340 degrees, with another 100 KW transmitter and a similar curtain array that has the center of the beam to Central North America.

Comparison of these frequencies with HM01 frequencies may offer a clue regarding the possible location of a few recipients of the HM01 transmissions. The first group of 5F groups changed sometime between 3 and 4 October. Unfortunately I was unable to cover several skeds during that time frame and consequently I can not pinpoint when the change took place. On Oct 4 they messed up and placed the Radio Havana SW Broadcast program on 11635 briefly on the 2100 sked. One can not help but wonder if the prison on Isle of Pines has numerous ex-transmitter operators incarcerated there.

End of Report

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2013 Don Schimmel.