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Report #090 07/01/13

A visit to the NOAA web site had an interesting article regarding the 2013 hurricane season. The six-month season which began 1 June, is expected to have a 70% likelihood of 13-20 names storms (winds of 29 mph or higher), of which 7-11 could become hurricanes (winds of 74 mph or higher), including 3-6 major hurricanes (Category 3, 4, or 5; winds of 111 mph or higher). For more detailed information on the above plus other weather related subjects go to www.nws.noaa.gov

Published by Westholme Publishing, ISBN 978-1-59416-141-4, INVISIBLE INK, by John A. Nagy, is a fascinating combination of Revolutionary War events combined with cryptographic details of various systems utilized by the American and British sides of the conflict. In addition to descriptions of numerous cipher and code systems and their users, the book has in an appendix section where there are break-outs of 7 different code books. An excerpt from the book cover states: "Based on nearly two decades of primary research, including the author's discovery of previously unrecognized spies and methods, Invisible Ink is a major contribution to the history of conflict and technology".

JUNE LOGGINGS (Freqs in kHz, date/time in UTC)   [NDB=non-directional longwave aero beacon]
216 CLB Wilmington, NC NDB 300240
317 CBE Cumberland, MD NDB 300225
391 DDP Dorado, Puerto Rico NDB 300231
432 IZN Lincolnton, NC NDB 300233
1630 U/I TIS w/announcement re travel conditions would be upgraded w/specific traffic info 251232
3636 2 OM/EE Hams in LSB discussing NFL player who was arrested for murder. 292225
4595 4XZ Haifa Naval, Israel, w/5L grp msgs 040238
8773.3 Possible Crowd 36 transmission 040230
9120 ENIGMA M51 with 5L grp tfc 040227
9995 U/I stn in CW with constant dits. Briefly stops then continues 040225
10010 CQ DE DDK2 DDH7 DDK9, Hamburg, Germany w/RYs, callsigns, freqs. RTTY 52/440 040217
10024 U/I station in USB OM?SS w/air wx 220247
10051 Gander VOLMET NF, Canada OM/EE w/wx at Canadian locations 040221
10100.8 DDK2 DDH7 DDK5 freqs of 4583 7646 and 10100.8Hamburg, Germany RTTY 50/436 220240
10211.9 Two OM/SS in USB One stn appears be reporting fishing catch. Other stn vy weak 040208
14100 International Beacon Network stations W6WX U.S. and KH6WO Hawaii Bad QRN 220234
14100 Heard OA4B Lima, Peru and W6WX and KH6WO 230244
End of Report

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2013 Don Schimmel.