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Report #089 06/01/13

This station is operated by AugTec, L.L.C. According to the Web site, AugTec is incorporated in Florida for the purpose of providing consultation services and operational support in multiple areas of radio communications. The Maritime Radio system interfaces ship board HF radio systems directly into the Internet and provides a low cost alternative to satellite communication channels for text type messaging. Four channels are available: WHL26, WHL28, WHL23 and WHL27 with their respective frequencies of 6351 kHz, 8686 kHz, 13024.5 kHz, and 17093.6 kHz. CQ DE WHL is sent periodically in CW. AutTec has their office located in St. Augustine, FL. For additional details about AugTec go to http://augtec.com

Regarding the info on the transmission of digital texts on analog Shortwave Broadcasts, the Monitoring Times June 2013 Utility World column had additional details on free programs to use. For more on the VOA Radiogram broadcast go to http://voaradiogram.net

BEACONS (Freqs in kHz and times in UTC)
209 SYS Somerset, PA 272254
216 CLB Wilmington, NC 300114
245 LUA Luray, VA 241358
248 UL Montreal-Dorval, QC, Canada 270224
273 ZV Sept-Iles, QC, Canada 270227
317 CBE Cumberland, MD 241404
350 MSQ Culpeper, VA 241406
366 YMW Maniwaki, QC, Canada 270230
378 RJ Roberval, QC, Canada 270231
432 IZN Lincolnton, NC 270235

8423.7 DE SVO. Athens, Greece in CW 270257
13263.5 YL/EE in USB w/wx at various European locations 231938
13830 Prob WEWN w/religious bcst in Spanish 231932
14100 International Beacon Project stns W6WX USA and KH6WO Hawaii 301616
17093.6 CQ DE WHL in CW. Also hrd on 13024.5, 8686 and 6351 kHz 291839
18110 International Beacon Project stns OH2B Finland, VE8AT Canada and W6WX USA 301604
20048.7 Russian Military Beacon "D", Sevastopol 242317
27333 2 men in Portuguese in LSB 242206
End of Report

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