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Report #085 11/05/12

The recent storm knocked out my power for 5 days. It was exhausting keeping a fire going and I lost a lot of food from the freezers and refrigerator. However, these were minor things compared to the folks in New York and New Jersey. I hope their problems are solved soon.

OCTOBER LOGS (all freqs in kHz, all times UTC)

14100 - VE8AT, Eureka, Nujnavut, Canada; ZS6DN, Pretoria, South Africa; OH2B, Lohja, Finland
18110 - VE8AT; ZS6DN; OH2B; OA4B, Lima, Peru; KH6WO, Laie, Hawaii
21150 - VE8AT; ZS6DN; OH2B; OA4B 24930 & 28200 - ZS6DN

NDB's (Longwave navigational directional beacons)
216 CLB Wilmington, NC 290239
245 YZE Gore Bay, ON, Can 290241
260 YAT Wapisk, ON, Can 290242
272 YQA Muskoka, ON, Can 290245
276 YEL Elliot lake, ON, Can 290246
283 PT Pelee Island, ON, Can 290247
326 VV Wiarton, ON, Can 290249
329 YHN HornePayne, ON, Can 290250
332 QT Thunder Bay, ON, Can 290251
335 YLD Chapleau, ON, Can 290255
338 DE Detroit, MI 290256
340 YY Mont Joli, QC, Can 290258
341 YYU Kasing, ON, Can 290257
351 YKQ Waskaganish, QC, Can 290259
353 QG Windsor, ON, Can 290300
360 PN Port Menier, QC, Can 290300
362 SB Sudbury, ON, Can 290301
363 RNB Millville, NJ 290301
366 YMW Madiwaki, QC, Can 290301
373 AEA South Hill, VA 290301
379 BRA Ashvillle, NC 290302
382 YPL Pickle Lake, ON, Can 290304
392 ML Charlevoix, QC, Can 290305
397 ZHA Ancaster, ON, Can 290306
403 ZTO Woodhill, ON, Can 290307
404 YSL St. Leonard, NB, Can 290307
404 CKI Kingstree, SC 290309

1894 4LKO, Call tape in CW at 060257. 4LID, call tape in CW at 06025. Each transmission is sent 3X and then sequence repeats. Possibly Republic of Georgia.
4330 4XZ Haifa, Israel Navy in CW with 5L cipher msgs at 060322
6519 WLO Mobile, AL in USB w/Maritime Forecasts at 070307
6604 NY Radio, OM/EE in USB w/aero wx for Boston, Wash Dulles, Miami, Bermuda, etc at 041914
8473 WLO Mobile, AL, RTTY 47/171 w/Maritime wx at 070338. Upon completion sent notice it switching to SITOR mode.
8550 CTP Oeiras Naval, Portugal w/RTTY 75/868 running call tape at 070333
13264 Shannon VOLMET, Ireland YL/EE in USB w/aero wx for European locations at 051924
13270 Gander VOLMET, Nfld., Can. OM/EE in USB w/aero wx for Canadian locations at 051925
15987 Sounds like RYs at 91/461 but monitor showing garbage. Then sent CW DE DZW, Manila, Philippines at 022203
16268 Uniden stn RTTY 82/869 enciphered text at 022158
16397 Uniden stn in CW. Text in English re propogatioan and sunspots. Vy weak at 022154
22385 SVO Athens, Greece in SITOR B 100/170. Greek language msgs to ships at 121457
22469 Uniden stn w/RTTY 49/868 enciphered text at 121459
27024 Two OM/SS in USB, sig weak and distorted plus bad QRM at 121433

End of Report

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2012 Don Schimmel.