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Report #084 09/01/12

To follow up on my remarks this past Spring about the ETOW radio charity, here is an update: I learned of a school near San Miguel, El Salvador which could utilize some radios for classroom use. When Fred Osterman at Universal Radio, became aware of my interest he promptly offered to donate a radio to complement the one I was purchasing. Thus two radios were available for the school. One, a donation from Universal Radio, and the other was donated in the name of ETOW. When I received the radios, I was able to hand them to someone from the San Miguel area who had been in the States on a visit. He hand carried them back to El Salvador. When he presented the radios to the school a photo was taken and copies of the photo were provided to Universal and to ETOW.

During August I checked some of the frequencies of this Beacon Project. Go to http://www.ncdxf.org/beacon/intro.html At that Web site you will find a description of the Network and access to a list of stations, transmission schedule, beacon locations, frequently asked questions, tools to help beacon listeners, and a form for feedback. I did hear some signals on 14100 kHz which included OH2B Finland, OA4B Peru, VE8AT Canada, W6WX U.S.A., and I believe it was LU4AA Argentina. The latter signal was clobbered with QRN and was extremely weak. These beacons were all heard in the 2300 UTC time frame.
Note: All freqs in kHz and all times are UTC
210 SBS Steamboat Springs, CO (formerly on 245 kHz), 272330
245 LUA Luray, VA 312202
254 EUD York, PA (formerly on 285 kHz), 231447
317 CBE Cumberland, MD, 231445
363 RNB Millville, NJ, 240239
366 YMW Maniwaki, QC, Canada, 240210
373 AEA South Hillo, VA, 240215
375 7B St. Thomas, ON, Canada, 240240
410 JU Jefferson, NC, 240213
521 RPK Middlesboro-Bell, KY, 240247

10871.8 Beacon D, weak, 112207
10871.8 Possibly Beacon P, very weak, 112207
13528 Beacons C & K, both weak, 112206
13528.4 Beacon M, very weak, 101504
16331.7 Beacons D & C, both weak, 101457
16331.7 Beacon D, strong, 112201

2749 VCS, Halifax, NS Canadian CG in USB w/wx, 130246
4329.9 4XZ, Haifa Israel, Navy, in CDW with lots of 5 Letter tfc, 210228
4596 4XZ, simulcast w/4329.9, 210233
8423.7 SVO, Athens, Greece, with call tape in CW, 112210
12532 WLO, Mobile, AL, call ltgape in CW, 231457
12583 WLO, simulcasting with 12532 kHz
14300 VP5DB, Maritime Mobile net in USB w/numerous check-ins, 282146 (End of Report)

End of Report

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2012 Don Schimmel.