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Report #075 11/05/10

LOGGINGS are in kHz order with comments and UTC time.
12992 Auto CW WLO, Mobile, AL w/maritime items in English at 1714

13270 USB Gander VOLMET NF, Canada w/WX at 1321

13373 Auto CW Cuban cut numbers at 1423

14465 CW DE DDN47 Hamburg, Germany METEO RTTY 50/461 w/RYs, freq list, and WX at 1254

14670 CHU, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada w/Time Sig at 1259

16331.4 Slow auto CW either sending a T foll by I or is sending a D. In backkground could hear faintg S sent at end of each of above transmissions.
On 5 Nov at 1340 hrd again but during 20 mins of monitgoring only hrd S once.
NOTE: FERRELL'S CONFIDENTIAL FREQUENCY LIST of 2001 shows SLB S CISN Arkhangelsk on 16331.9.

End of Report

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2010 Don Schimmel.