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Report #073 11/04/09

BEACON LOGGINGS (Times are in UTC, Frequencies are in kHz)
Recently during the 2300-0000 UCT time period I monitored these longwave navigational beacons:

Freq Call Location
216 CLB Wilmington, NC
254 EUD York, PA (Old 285)
257 YXR Dash Earlton, Ontario
266 ZMM Dash Joly, Quebec
272 YQA Dash Muskoka, Ontario
276 YEL Dash Elliot Lake, Ontario
326 VV Dash Wiarton, Ontario
329 CH Charleston, SC (AFB/Intl)
329 YHN Dash Hornepayne, Ontario
341 YYU Dash Kasing, Ontario
351 YKQ Dash Waskaganish, Quebec
360 PN Dash Port lMenior, Quebec
363 RNB Millville, NJ
366 YMW Dash Maniwaki, Quebec
368 ZYZ Dash Queensway (Toronto), Ontario
373 2Q Dash Mont Laurier, Quebec
377 YRR Dash Greely (Ottawa), Ontario
379 BRA Asheville, NC
388 AM Tampa, FL
388 RNW Chocowinity, NC
390 JT Dash Stephenville, Newfoundland
391 DDP Dorado, Puerto Rico
400 XW Flemingsburg, KY
414 CSS Washington Court House, OH
417 HHG Huntington, IN
417 SLP Shelby, NC
417 HQT Coats, NC

End of Report

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2009 Don Schimmel.