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Report #061 10/25/07

The Computers & Radio column by John Catalano in the April 2007 issue of Monitoring Times was extremely interesting. Software titled Multipsk was described. It is available in a free version as well as a more comprehensive registered version for $40. The program can be downloaded from www.F6cte.free.fr/index_anglais.htm in the English language. Multipsk can handle 91 modes and sub modes. John pointed out that in his opinion a 1 GHZ PC or faster is best for handling all of the capabilities of the program. I am looking into using Multipsk and will comment in the future regarding results.

Recently while in the Ocean City, MD area I briefly monitored and picked up a few beacons. Heard were SB, Salisbury, MD on l278; RNB, Millville, NJ on 363; DDP, Dorado, Puerto Rico on 391, and OX, Ocean City, MD on 407. Also heard was WPFJ882, Highway Assistance Station, Ocean City, Worcester County, MD on 1610. Upon my return to my West Virginia home I devoted a couple evenings to monitoring for beacons and heard the following:
216 CLB Wilmington, NC
254 EUD York, PA (formerly on 285)
317 CBE Cumberland, MD
338 LH Lancaster, OH
344 PIX Picture Rocks, PA
349 APG Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
351 MSQ Culpeper, VA
355 CGE Cambridge, MDv 359 AMT West Union, OH
366 YMW (with long dash) Maniwaki, Quebec, Canada
379 BRA Asheville, NC
379 FZI Fostoria, OH
385 HYX Saginaw, MI
388 NXX Willow Grove, PA
391 CM Columbus, OH
397 ZHA (with long dash) Ancaster (Hamilton), Ontario, Canada
414 CSS Washington Court House, OH
417 HHG Huntington, IN
419 RYS Detroit/Grosse Ile, MI

End of Report

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2007 Don Schimmel.