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Report #055 03/01/06

The Winter months always seem to provide great reception of non-directional beacons. The current season has been no exception. Random monitoring in morning and evening hours resulted in a nice list of beacons monitored here at my West Virginia site. These long wave navigational beacons are used primarily by general aviation (private planes). The ID is sent in slow Morse code.

kHz ID Location
198 DIW Dixon, NC
209 SYS Somerset (County) PA
216 CLB Wilmington (Carolina Beach) NC
241 VBW Bridgewater, VA
245 LUA Luray (Caverns) VA
248 UL Montreal-Dorval, Quebec, Canada
254 EUD York, PA
259 BUH Unlocated
260 PYA Penn Yan, NY
316 CBE Cumberland (Municipal) MD
328 BZJ Indiantown Gap, PA
332 DC Washington (Washington Intl) DC
332 YFM La Grande 4, Quebec, Canada
342 MTN Baltimore (Martin) MD
344 CL Cleveland (Cleveland Hopkins Intl) OH
346 IA Washington-Dulles Intl, VA
349 APG Aberdeen PVG, MD
350 TST Unlocated
355 CGE Cambridge, MD
362 SB Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
363 RNB Millville (Rainbow) NJ
364 TZ Winchester (Regional) VA
366 YWM Maniwaki, Quebec, Canada
368 ZYZ Queensway (Toronto) Ontario, Canada
371 FND Baltimore (Ellicott) MD
373 2Q Mont Laurier, Quebec, Canada
377 YRR Greely (Ottawa), Ontario, Canada
379 YPO Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
382 LQ Boston (Gen. Edward Lawrence Logan Intl) MA
385 GAI Gaithersburg, MD
392 ML Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada
400 PTD otsdam, NY
407 RV Reedsville (Mifflin County) PA
407 RZZ Roanoke Rapids, NC
408 HBD Hubbard, OH
410 JU Jefferson (Ashe County) NC
423 PCW Port Clinton, OH
432 IZN Lincolnton, NC
435 IIY Washington (Wilkes County) GA
516 YWA Petawawa, Ontario, Canada

End of Report

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2006 Don Schimmel.