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Report #054 12/01/05

I highly recommend the Editorial in the November 2005 issue of MONITORING TIMES magazine. Larry Van Horn wrote "THE COMMUNICATIONS BLAME GAME" which is an excellent description of what happens when radio systems are not compatible between governmental organizations. When a disaster strikes, public officials start finger pointing and in many cases it is those making the most noise that are the real culprits. Systems are installed whereby communications are not possible from one agency to another. Little wonder that rescue attempts, delivery of necessity of life supplies, and medical efforts are at a complete standstill. I hope that the editorial is given wide distribution. I sought and received permission to reproduce the editorial and I mailed copies to my Senators, Congresswoman, and the local newspaper. It is high time that those responsible for funding communications projects realize that such systems must be capable of allowing communications between agencies as may be required. If not, the country will face many more failures in responding to disasters like the recent hurricanes.

In line with the above, recent articles in the Martinsburg, West Virginia Journal newspaper have indicated communications upgrades are being considered for this region. Washington County, MD, the Eastern Panhandle counties of West Virginia, and the state of West Virginia are all looking at having a 450 MegaHertz system. It remains to be seen if there will be complete communications exchange between organizations.

To all, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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