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Report #050 06/01/05

After two months of frequently monitoring the signal on 269 kHz, I believe the transmitted sequence of Morse code characters E and I is 10 elements in length. This belief is based on noting a sequence on several dates where there was a definite pause after the 9th character. This particular sequence commenced with an I and alternated with E for a total of 9 characters followed by a pause. Another sequence was a combination of characters mixed with several pauses for a total of 10 elements. Comparing AM and PM intercepts has not revealed anything significant. I have not determined when a change from one sequence to another takes place.. For about two weeks I kept notes on weather wet/dry conditions to see if there was relationship but none was apparent. As previously mentioned, the signal strength is good in my immediate location but is unheard at several other places in the development. I queried the Homeowners Association Manager to see if perhaps there was some type of device at the water or sewage facility which transmitted operating conditions from those sites but he told me there was none. So the search continues. I suppose other possibilities could include the Power Company, Cable company, etc.

End of Report

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2005 Don Schimmel.