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Report #048 04/01/05

In the previous report I described a session of Beacon monitoring I had conducted. Among the beacon signals intercepted was a strange sequence of Morse characters on approximately 268 kHz. In February the sequence was E E E I I repeated over and over. It was not possible to establish the beginning or ending of the series of characters because it ran continuously with no pause to designate an ending point. On March 14th I again observed the signal which was more accurately determined to be 269 kHz. The characters were then noted as having been changed to E E I I. That format has continued to date. I consulted with Kevin Carey, author of the "Below 500 kHz" column in the Monitoring Times magazine. We agreed that this mystery signal certainly did not appear to be a case of negative keying of a beacon transmission. I wonder if this could be some type of Public Utility operational monitoring perhaps for an Electrical Power system?? The transmissions have been heard both during daylight hours as well as at night and the signal strength causes me to believe the transmitter must be located somewhere in the nearby area. As time permits, I plan to utilize my portable receiver and see if lI can discover the location of the signal. I realize this may be like looking for a needle in the haystack but I will give it a try. More later.

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