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Report #047 03/04/05

As I often do, I spent some time recently checking to see howmany beacons I might hear in a given period. I commenced searching one evening at 2259 UCT starting at 190 kHz. At 0010 UCT I quit, having heard 39 identified beacons, 3 unidentified possible beacons, and two identical signals I really do not know what they are. My list of stations follows, frequencies are in kHz.
198 DIW Dixon NC
208 UIEX ?
209 SYS Somerset PA
216 CLB Wilmington NC
245 LUA Luray VA
252 CJR Culpepper VA
255 EUD York PA (moved from 285 kHz ?)
261 E E E I I (repeated over and over) ?
265 XPZ Mt. Weather VIP Facility VA
263 TGJ Kingston, ON, Canada
268 Same signal as 261 kHz
272 YQA Muskoka, ON, Canada
278 NM Matagami, QC, Canada
317 CBE Cumberland MD
326 VV Wiarton, ON, Canada
328 BZJ Indiantown Gap, Muir AAF PA
341 YYU Kapuskasing, ON, Canada
342 MTN Baltimore MD
344 CL Cleveland OH
351 YKQ Waskaganish, QC, Canada
353 QG Windsor, ON, Canada
363 RNB Millville NJ
364 TZ Winchester VA
366 YMW Maniwaki, QC, Canada
373 2Q Mont-Laurier, QC, Canada
382 LQ Boston MA
385 GAI Gaithersburg MD
390 JT Stephenville, NF, Canada
390 BKO Boko, Brazil (Moved from 380 kHz ?)
392 ML Charlevoix, QC, Canada
395 XEN Dayton OH
397 ZQG ?
400 PTD Potsdam NY
401 MRT Marysville OH (moved from 303 kHz ?)
417 IY Charles City IA
420 CFY Lake City SC
426 IZS Montezuma GA
432 MHP Metter GA
435 IIY Washington GA
516 YWA Petawawa, ON, Canada
526 ZLS Stella Maris, Bahamas

My beacon references were badly out of date so I have ordered a copy of the BEACON FINDER II by Kevin Carey who authors the "Below 500 KHZ" column in Monitoring Times magazine. If you want a copy of his book, the cost is $13.95 which includes postage. Make your check out to Kevin Carey and mail to him at PO Box 56, West Bloomfield, NY 14585

End of Report

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2005 Don Schimmel.