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Report #046 12/15/04

Wishing you and yours a most Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

At the end of November this area suffered from extremely high winds. Thousands of homes were without electricity for many hours, some without power until the next day. Trees were blown down across power lines and onto roadways. I checked my antennas and discovered that one of my long wires had blown down but the remaining long wires, off-center dipoles and the whip antenna all appeared to be ok.

Recently I noted a somewhat surprising trend when I heard numerous Korean transmissions which normally I do not receive at good signal strength. What was also surprising was the fact that I was hearing those signals on the long wire oriented toward Latin America Signals from Seoul, S. Korea, HLW2 on 12923 kHz, HLF on 12916 kHz, and HLO on 12842 kHz all came booming in, all during the 2100 UTC time frame. As I got ready to discontinue monitoring, I ran across two males talking about a volcano at an unidentified location, possibly Mr. St. Helens. They evidently were Hams because they also chatted about an upcoming Ham contest.

There was a very interesting rundown in the Utility World column in the December issue of Monitoring Times magazine. The column indicated that the ELF system which was used for contacting submarines, was finally discontinued. This project was controversial from the very beginning due to environmental considerations as well as the extremely slow speed of transmission. Finally, a decision was made that it was appropriate to close down the system.
End of Report

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