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Report #043 02/01/04

MYSTERY TRANSMISSION - On 7 January, during the period of 0045-0105 UTC, I was watching the 2nd half of the West Virginia/Notre Dame basketball game. The televised game was on TV Channel 68, Hagerstown, MD from an ESPN originated feed. When Channel 68 had the ESPN feed connected I could hear 5F Morse code groups which were auto sent at a moderate speed. Each time a switch was made from the feed to Channel 68 studio transmissions the Morse code groups could no longer be heard. However as soon as the feed returned, the 5F groups were again heard. The signal was weak but I was able to determine that all numbers were sent full. None of them were sent in cut fashion. I noted a brief pause as if a message had been completed or it was a part break, i.e. at 100 groups?? Channel 68 has the video frequency of 795.25 MHz and the audio at 799.75 MHz. The satellite ESPN feed is listed as 466.650 MHz. A very strange matter indeed!!
[Note from DXing.com editor: The F.C.C. requires satellite uplinks to be identified by a number sent in (slow) Morse Code on a subcarrier. It is possible they were accidentally feeding this audio rather than NAT sound].

PHONETIC ALPHABETS - I ran across this web site during a search for various phonetic alphabets. It is one of the most comprehensive lists I have seen. Go to http://www.bckelk.uklinux.net/phone.full.html
Not only are there alphabets for communications use but also alphabets from vocabulary books, telephone books, business books, language phrase books, dictionaries, and grammar books.

MORSE ALPHABETS - Go to http://www.soton.ac.uk/~scp93ch/morse/morse.html Not only are the International Morse Code characters in the chart but also many special characters in use for various language.

NUMBERS MESSAGE - A transmission of cut numbers utilizing the alphabet ANDUWRIGMT = 1-0 was intercepted at 01/05/04 on 13374 kHz. The address broke out to 61971 (RAMIA). The message was concluded with 0 0 0 000 at 1736 UCT. These transmissions are reportedly originated by the Director General Investigaciones (DGI), Havana, Cuba. ENIGMA has designated this as M8.

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2004 Don Schimmel.