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Report #035 01/04/03

SW LISTENERS CONVENTION - On March 7-8 2003 the 16th Annual Winter SWL Fest will be held at the Best Western Motel in Kulpsville, PA. Having attended all but a few of the very first Fests, I can vouch for it being a great event having seminars of consistently high calibre. It is also always a real pleasure to see other Radio Aficionados and talk "shop" regarding ones particular area of interest. The lineup of prizes each year is impressive with some really great things being given away as door prizes. Check http://www.swlfest.com for details for the Fest and a listing of the costs along with a form for registration. Check the web site frequently for updated information.

INTERNATIONAL SPY MUSEUM - What a great museum. Located in Washington, DC it opened in July 2002 and I heard that there were over one million visitors in the first 30 days. It takes approximately 2 1/2 hours to tour the museum. There are numerous exhibits of communications and cryptographic items. The museum store has a wide variety of neat things available for purchase.l I spent about 45 minutes looking around and finally selected two publications and a CD entitled "Music To Spy By" which contained theme songs from spy movies and spy TV programs. It was interesting to note that the Russian AGENTURA web site reported on the opening of the museum plus a comment stating Unfortunately there is no possibility to open something like this in Russia in the near future.

AGENTURA WEB SITE - I wonder if the Russian authorities have clamped down on the organizers of the AGENTURA web page. There have been no updated items since 4 December 2002. Ant the portion called Security And Intelligence Digest has not been updated since 4 November 2002?????

INTELLIGENCE PUBLICATIONS - Go to www.odci.gov/csi for some outstanding features. You History Buffs will enjoy the 1999 publication The Founding Fathers of American Intelligence. In the Studies in Intelligence category be sure to look at SIGINT and Planning for an Invasion of Japan. Another great article is in the Bulletin sections - Did Truman Know About VENONA?. Also be sure to read Soviet Deception in the Cuban Missile Crisis.
End of Report

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