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Report #022 08/01/2001

JAMMING - I see where RFE/RL has reported Moscow is engaged in jamming Chechen pro-independence radio stations. The website of the Chechen news agency has stated they would broadcast trustworthy war news, "not fairy tales like the Russian radios."

NAVAJO CODE TALKERS - Numerous newspapers have carried articles describing the native americans in the Marine Corps who sent combat info in a code made up by the 29 Navajos who formed the first group of code talkers. The National Cryptologic Museum located near NSA has a very interesting display on the code talkers. The museum is off of Maryland Route 32 on Colony 7 Road. There are signs on Route 32 indicating where to turn off for the museum. For those unable to visit the museum, check with your local library for the following titles: THE NAVAJO CODE TALKERS by Doris A. Paul; THIS WAS YOUR WAR by Frank Brookhauser; HERE COMES THE NAVAJO by Ruth Underhill; and GUADALCANAL DIARY by Richard Tregaskis. In the first named title, Chapter 4 contains the complete initial code devised by the original recruits. Two of the original 29 were assigned at the training center as instructors while the other 27 were sent overseas to Guadalcanal for use as talkers in a combat area. By the end of WWII there were over 400 Navajos serving as code talkers.

RUSSIAN MERCHANT SHIP SPYING - Several weeks ago, the Washington Times newspaper told of the U.S. Transportation Department having signed an agreement with the Russian Government regarding access to U.S. ports where sensitive military installations were located. However, for some reason, the agreement did not include the Seattle, WA area. This seems rather strange because there is a U.S. nuclear sub base at Bangor, WA. Another curious fact is that these Russian merchant ships appear to be timing their arrivals and departures in the area to coincide with submarine movements. Is there something the subs are doing that tips off the Russian vessels of upcoming sub activity. i.e. Certain messages or electronic signals sent by the subs??

INTERCEPT STATION LOCATIONS - Back in the 1980s, the Russians built 4 huge communications intercept facilities in Nicaragua for the Sandinista Government. Those installations were at Santa Maria, Puerto Cabezas, San Francisco, and Santa Rosa. I can't help but wonder what happened when the Sandinistas were defeated at the polls. Were the intercept stations dismantled or are they being operated today by????

FAPSI AMERICAS STATIONS - My search efforts finally paid off on 19 July when I found the field station (Managua, Nicaragua??)transmitting on 13519 kHz. He has also used 14853 kHz and 11425 kHz upon request by the control station in Cuba. The normal procedure is for the field to use the 13519 kHz frequency for both the 1445 and 2145 UTC skeds and Cuba designating a QSY as may be required. Cuba usually uses 16218 kHz for the 1445 UTC sked. There was one instance of Cuba moving to 16226 kHz evidently in an attempt to clear the QRM affecting field reception of the traffic. Cuba most often uses 14455 kHz for the 2145 UTC sked. Both stations frequently utilized the 100 baud mode as opposed to the 75 baud mode so common in the past. There certainly must be a high level of some type of activity at the field site as evidenced by the heavy traffic for to and from that location.

JULY LOGGINGS In kHz order with comments and UTC date/time.
4532 Very odd pulsing signal. 15/0144
4652 This sounds exactly like the signal on 4532 kHz. 15/0146
12791 OM/SS in USB giving what seems be position coordinates. Poss LA Army or Air Force based on several references to "el Coronel". 19/2128
16121 RTTY 75/879 sending encrypted transmissions. 14/1445
16263 RTTY 75/859, encrypted xmsns w/Y separators. 14/1510
16300 U/I stn on CW, must be receiving traffic but sending stn not hrd. Sends K frequently and then QSL foll by SK and off. 20/1404. This station previously heard on 16302 kHz. 19/1432
16974 4LY (Georgia) DE RLK7 (Russian Federation) in CW with tape of QSX/QSW freqs and traffic list. Shifted to RTTY but text all chopped up because I didn't get signal tuned in properly. 23/1405

End of Report

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2001 Don Schimmel.