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Report #021 07/01/2001

If anyone had told me previously that I would like using a computer controlled receiver, I probably would have indicated that I seriouosly doubted it. I now own such a receiver and I have been truly amazed at its performance. It definitely has made me appreciate what this type of equipment can do. For a comprehensive review of the Ten-Tec, see what Tom Sundstrom said at www.rnw.nl/realradio/rx320a.html

It is hard to believe that for only $295 you have so much capability at your finger-tips. By-the-way, Universal Radio, Inc., does stock the RX-320. The software program which comes with the RX320 is a good one however there are a number of other programs written for the receiver and some of them are freebees. I currently have installed on my Laptop computer the factory program as well as the Scan320 program written by Tom Lackamp. The author of the latter program is into utility listening and consequently he wanted to include a scanning feature in his program. It is for that very reason that I find his program more compatible with my interests. Other programs, just to mention a couple, are: RX-320 Control Panel by George Privalov, and Receiver Control Program GNRX320 by Gerd Niephaus.

Go to www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Lab/5137/rx320.html This provides links to various software packages and also has info on Upgrade Projects, Modifications, and Tuning Tips for the RX320. On a recent trip to North Carolina I took along my RX320 and spent some time each day for a week, putting the receiver and the Scan320 program to work. I still have a lot to learn about the Scan320 program but those features I have sampled, I really like. The antenna was a dipole in the attic and it provided better reception than the little whip which comes with the receiver. The results of my monitoring are shown in the loggings section.

The HF relay transmitter in Cuba still maintains a 1445 UTC sked and transmits on 16218 kHz. However, I have lost the field station. Apparently 13423 kHz is no longer in use and although I have search 13/14 MHz bands, I have not yet discovered the new frequenty. I evidently will have to expand my band coverage. The 2145 sked is either no longer held at that time or the frequencies have been changed.

In kHz order with comments and UTC date/time.
NOTE: All monitoring performed in Goldsboro, NC utilizing a Ten-Tec RX-320 receiver. No decode capability available.
208 JYN Beacon, Goldsboro (Municipal - Wayne) NC at 28/2110
216 CLB Beacon, Wilmington (Carolina Beach) NC at 28/2112
336 MCZ Beacon, Williamston (Martin County) NC at 28/2116
388 RNW Beacon, Chocowinity (Warren Field) NC at 28/2119
412 CTZ Beacon, Clinton (Sampson County) NC at 29/0108
417 HQT Beacon, Coats (Harnett) NC at 28/2123
4060 Link II Signal at 30/0115
8019 U/I RTTY at 29/2326
8092 VVV DE FDC (French AF, Metz, France) in CW at 29/0125
8135 Cuban cut numbers in CW at 29/2330
8184 U/I Signal, Crowd 36??? at 29/0129
8447 CQ DE A9M (Hamala, Bahrain) in CW at 29/2340
8478 U/I RTTY at 29/2342
11512 U/I RTTY at 30/1218
13110 NOAA WX w/info re Hurricane season. Bad QRM on top of signal. 30/1601
13508 U/I FAX at 30/1211
13531 U/I RTTY at 29/1409
14365 Link II at 29/1412
14626 U/I RTTY at 29/1918
15017 OM/SS in USB, bad QRM, 5F grps, at end sent S I in CW (3 dits space 2 dits) at 28/1455
16218 FAPSI Cuba tuning xmtr at 29/1414. Calls WFO but I can't find field stn. Field apparently sending tfc at 1449. Cuba now sending tfc at 29/1451.
16830 DE SVO (Athens, Greece) in CW at 30/1902
16807 DE SPA (Gonyia, Poland) in CW at 30/1907
End of Report

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2001 Don Schimmel.