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Report #019 05/01/2001

MAY 19 Charleston AFB, SC; 23-25 USN Academy, Annapolis, MD; 26-27 NAS Patuxent River, MD. JUNE 2-3 Lakehurst, NJ; 9-10 Quebec City, Quebec, Canada; 16-17 Syracuse, NY; 23-24 Davenport, IA; 30 Evansville, IN. JULY 1 Evansville, IN; 7-8 Muskegon, MI; 13-14 Pensacola Beach, FL; 21-22 Bozeman, MT; 28-29 NAS Lenoore,CA. AUGUST 4-5 Seattle, WA; 18-19 Kansas Ciity, MO; 25-26 Duluth, MN. SEPTEMBER 1-3 Cleveland, OH; 8-9 NAS JRB Willow Grove, PA; 15-16 Smyrna, TN; 22-23 NAS Brunswick, ME; 29 NAS Meridian, MS. OCTOBER l6-7 San Francisco, CA; 13-14 MCAS Miramar, CA; 20-21 Alliance Field Fort Worth, TX; 27-28 Lafayette, LA. NOVEMBER 3-4 Jacksonville Beach, FL; 9-10 NAS Pensacola, FL.

RUSSIAN AGENTURA WEB SITE ITEMS (Wording as it appeared on the Web site)
RADIO ESPIONAGE - After the scandal with the landing in China plane of USA radio intelligence we have renewed substantially the section about radio espionage adding it by the data from Vartanesyan book "Radio electronic intelligence" (issued as early as 1975) by photos of Soviet embassies' antennae and by many other things.

SPECIAL SERVICES' TERMINOLOGY AND SLANG: Second attempt - At last we have summoned up courage and remade the vocabulary in accordance with those remarks and additions that have been sent to "Agentura" forum. See-there it is. We are waiting for your further comments: it's clear that there is much work to do with the vocabulary..

Note: Unfortunately the details for both of the above items were in Russian. I wonder if the vocabulary will contain the definition of TIKAS (a procedure sign in use in FAPSI communications)??

As the title indicates, this section of AGENTURA is a Digest and it usually merely lists in English, one sentence subject identifications. Recently this section has contained several mentions of how to identify Russian security vehicles. I would imagine the Russian authorities are not pleased that AGENTURA revealed such information. The Dossier section of AGENTURA contains brief descriptions and histories in English of various Russian Government organizations. Some of those included are KGB/SVR, GRU, FAPSI, and SOUD. Following is the brief entry for SOUD. SOUD - System of united data accounting on enemy.
Blackout system of global information's interception created during the cold war.
Agreement between the countries of East block on SOUD organization was signed in 1977, however, the system began its functioning from 1979 at large. A reason of its creation was the Olympic games in 1980, Moscowl: first task for the system became the information collection about possible hostile actions of foreign special services during the Games. In Soviet times SOUD participants were the special services from the USSR, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Mongolia, Cuba, DDR, and Vietnam. Files at agents, journalists, (hostile) organizations, diplomats, culture and commerce attaches, air companies representatives got into the data base of SOUD. All that could be qualified as a bearer of potential danger to the USSR.

Bases had access only for the high officers of special services by the countries of Warsaw agreement. And the informational query at any subject was processed by SOUD within 4 hours maxiomum (not bad result for the end of 70-s). At present GRU and FAPSI are the operators of SOUD.

Notes: The above item was dated 10 October 2000 so the last statement, indicating that the GRU (GRU is the Russian Military Intelligence organization) and the FAPSI were then the operators of SOUD would seem to be extremely significant.

If that statement is true, I was incorrect in believing all these years that the network (now designated as FAPSI) passed diplomatic traffic to/from the Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Embassies. I had based my belief on the fact that SOUD did not get underway until 1979 but I had received two reports, both suggesting that net traffic had been observed prior to 1979. Neither of these reports can now be verified because one was from an anonymous source and the other from a monitor who has since died.

According to the above, the SOUD organizationl was still active and reporting information as of October 2000 and it is likely therefore that such activity also continued after that date!

APRIL LOGGINGS - in kHz order with comments and UTC date/time
  9214 Encrypted RTTY 93/847. 24/2338
  9298 Encrypted RTTY 93/847. 24/2334
12480 U/i stn sending 310 over and over in CW. 24/2039
13236 Encrypted RTTY, 75/832, Y separators. Sends some very short transmissions as if he answering another station. 24/2055
13418 Very fast CW sending 5F grps. Zero cut as T. Signal has very pronounced echo. 24/2058
13451 Fast CW, 5F grps, Zero cut as T. Strong sig. Sends BT BT 628 628 193 TTTTT and off. 27/1310
13528 RTTY 71/857, encoded wx, USAF Weather Service. 27/2040
13528.2 Single letter P sent over and over in CW. Fading sig. 27/2044
14508 Encrypted RTTY 75/814. 24/2104
End of Report

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2001 Don Schimmel.