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Report #018 04/01/2001

The 14th Annual Fest was held March 9-10 at Kulpsville, PA. As usual there was something for everyone in the various seminars. Subjects covered included Scanners, Pirates & Clandestines, Utilities, Antennas, Digital Signal Processing, Satellite Broadcast TV, Meteor Scatter FM DXing, and listening to Shortwave Broadcasts. There were at least 20 newcomers in attendance and most indicated they were looking forward to attending again in 2002. I think the web site and publicity by Tom Sundstrom contributed a lot in attracting newcomers. It's only 11 months until the next Fest! See you there.

APRIL 7 NAS Point Mugu, CA; 8 Beale AFB, CA; 21 Barksdale AFB, LA; 22 Maxwell AFB, AL; 28-29 Lincoln ANG Base, NE. MAY 5-6 Fort Lauderdale, FL; 12 Millington, TN; 13 Fort Smith, AR; 19-20 Andrews AFB, MD; 30 USAF Academy, CO. JUNE 2-3 NAS Fallon, NV; 9 Hill AFB, UT; 10 Cannon AFB, NM; 16-17 McChord AFB, WA; 23-24 Tullahoma, TN; 30 Scott AFB, IL. JULY 1 Niagara Falls, NY; 4 Battle Creek, MI; 7-8 Pope AFB, IL.; 14 Columbus AFB, MS; 15 San Angelo, TX; 21-22 Dayton, OH; 25 Cheyenne, WY; 28-29 Latrobe, PA. AUGUST 4-5 Otis ANG Base, MA; 11 Minot AFB, ND; 12 Ellsworth AFB, SD; 18-19 Chicago, IL. SEPTEMBER 1-3 Bay St. Louis, MS; 8 Muskogee, OK; 9 Sioux City, IA; 15-16 Salinas, CA. NOVEMBER 3 Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC; 4 Moody AFB, GA; 10-11 Daytona Beach, FL. NOTE: During the period of 20 SEPT-28 OCT the team will visit, as yet unnamed sites, in the Pacific area.

I read with great interest the report by Harry Helms which appeared in the Newsroom section of DXing.com. It certainly is quite curious that when several broadcast stations planned to DF the mystery signal, the signal disappeared. It will be most interesting to see if the mystery signal reappears in the future.

I frequently revisit Agentura but IO sure wish that whoever is running this web site would clean up the often extremely clumsy and at times corrupt English language translations of the original Russian material. As examples, here are two excerpts from a recent downloading of Agentura. "Appeared the first result of the sounded next week statements made by USA special services leadership concerning Been Laden". Or how about this one? "All circumstances of FBI agent Phillip Hanssen arrest have been turned out so fortunately for the American special services that one can do little more than to become worry about their lucky chance". However, one can pick up tidbits of information from the various items which appear on Agentura.

Federal'naya Agenstvo Pravitel'stvennoy Svayazi i Informatsii.
Federal Agency for Government Communications & Information (Russia)

These communications were checked on various dates during March and the same frequencies and schedules continue as they were in January and February 2001. On the 16th of March the Cuban relay transmitter sent several thousand groups to the field station.

MARCH LOGGINGS - in kHz order w/comments & UTC date/time
11690 Enciphered RTTY 48/850 31/2029
13030 DE FUF (Fort de France, Martinique) in RTTY 75/860 w/test tape 31/2021
13234 Enciphered RTTY 76/849. Strings of Ys used as separators between messages. 21/1521
16121 Enciphered RTTY 75/849 31/1616
16263 Enciphered RTTY 80/857. Strings of Ys used as separators between messages. Not the same transmission as is being sent on 13234 kHz. 21/1528
16302 Mystery signal. Hi tone followed by low tone and then two hard to describe "noises". Sequence repeated over and over. 21/1531

End of Report

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2001 Don Schimmel.