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Report #012 06/01/2000

The two way contacts between Cuba and a field station continued during the month. Large amounts of traffic were sent in both directions. The frequencies noted were 16217 kHz for the Cuba xmtr and 13424 kHz for the u/i field station. Also observed was the Thursday 1735 UTC broadcast from the Cuba xmtr to field station KRN. The transmissions to KRN were extremely brief so I assume that QRU was sent. I could not confirm that as my M7000 is still at the factory for repairs.

MAY LOGGINGS in kHz order with comments and UTC date/time
13375 Cuban cut numbers. Went down with AR AR AR SK SK SK 15/1837
16150 Suspected CROWD-36 signal 16/1303
16139 5F groups in very fast Morse code. Zero cut as T. Signal has slight echo. After final BT sent T T T T T 16/1307

These loggings were made in Goldsboro, NC
198 DIW Beacon, Dixon NC 17/1949
208 JYN Beacon, Goldsboro NC 18/1355
216 CLB Beacon, Wilmington NC 17/1953
230 AQE Beacon, Greenville NC 18/1552
250 WGBR This is a sub-harmonic of AM Broadcast station WGBR ON 1150 kHz located in Goldsboro NC.
336 MCZ Beacon, Williamston NC 18/1600
345 DPL Beacon, Kenansville NC 18/1357
388 RNW Beacon, Washington/Chocowinity NC 18/1359
412 CTZ Beacon, Clinton NC 18/1401
417 HQT Beacon, Coats/Erwin NC 18/1406

13420 Cuban cut numbers in CW. Down with AR AR AR SK SK SK 17/1936

These loggings were made in Myrtle Beach, SC
4016 Cuban cut numbers in CW 20/0311
4059 Raspy dots and dash, Link 11 signal 20/0313
4192 XFQ3 (Salina Cruz, Mexico) DE XCM5 (?, Mexico) ANS 3 K 20/0316
4475 Cuban cut numbers in CW 20/0321
4705 Raspy dots and dash, Link 11 signal 20/0323
6836 Raspy dot and dash, Link 11 signal 20/1502
9030 U/i RTTY. Sounded like a string of the same characters (callsign?) followed by another string of different sounding characters (perhaps the repeated date-time group and group count) and then into probable text. A string of the same sounding character was sent between messages. 19/1953


0 zero nula null nul zero
1 one jeden eins ein un
2 two dve zwei tsvei deux
3 three tri drei drei trois
4 four ctyri vier fier quatre
5 five pet funf finef cinq
6 six sest sechs seks six
7 seven sedm sieben sibben sept
8 eight osm acht acht huit
9 nine jevet neun nein neuf

BEACON LOGGING PROGRAM Are you looking for a computer program for use with your beacon hunting efforts. Stan Forsman, CA has designed NDBLG and for details regarding the latest revision, go to www.aimnet.com/~caengrav/ndblog/.

NEW PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE RBASIC (Radio Basic) is a freebee program which was developed to enable control of PC-based radio receivers like WINRADIO. Go to www.rbasic.com/intro.htm for a very complete description of the features of this program. RBASIC can be downloaded from the web site. As the downloaded ad stated "The best thing about RBASIC is that it's free!"

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2000 Don Schimmel.