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Report #007 01/01/2000

STASI CODED TAPES BROKEN An early December AP item reported on Der Speigel and Focus articles telling of the breaking of encoded data which listed East German secret police agents and spy operations.

SEARCH AND RESCUE INFORMATION Posted on various web SWL links including WUN is the address for a document containing details of SAR communications. http://www2.acc.af.mil/afrcc/download.htm

Be advised this is a 400 plus page document so you will probably want to be selective in what you print. I viewed the document with Adobe Acrobat and printed only about 40 pages that included the Abbreviations/Acronyms listing and pages 3-1 thru 3-12 of Chapter 3 (SAR COMMUNICATIONS). Your particular information needs may not require so many pages.

RUSSIAN OFFICIAL HOLIDAYS The colllapse of the Soviet Union caused changes to the Official Holidays observed. Here is the list recently downloaded from http://www.russian embassy.org/holidays.html

January 1 New Year's Day
January 7 Christmas, Russian Orthodox
March 8 International Womens' Day
May 1-2 Spring and Labor Holiday
May 9 Victory Day (over German Nazism in WW2)
June 12 Independence Day
August 22 Day of Russian Federation State Flag
November 7 Day of Accord and Conciliation
December 12 Constitution Day
Easter is celebrated nationwide and Christmas is a day off.

KULPSVILLE, PA WINTER SWL FESTIVAL Reminder for Fest 10-11 March 2000. Costs, registration form and other details are available at this link: www.trsc.com/winterfest.html

UTC CALL LINK # Baud/Shift Frequencies kHz
1100 SPK 00168 50/500 14530/18048
1445 WFO 00125 75/500 14455
1445 MIG 00125 75/500 13423
1515 BPA 00116 75/500 14729/10326
1735 KRN 00178 75/500 17414/14432
1800 WNY 00139 75/500 19086/14939
1800 SPK 00168 50/500 20739/18046
2145 WFO 00125 75/500 14455
2145 MIG 00125 75/500 13423
2230 JMS 00127 75/500 14841/13452
2240 PSN 00126 75/500 22862/19921

NOTE: During the month there were three special skeds noted. 1540 SPK 18167/14530 on 12/31/99
1650 PSN 19222/16021 on 12/31/99
2155 PSN ? /16021 on 12/23/99 Unheard freq probably 19222 kHz.

I have concluded there is more value in showing all dates of coverage rather than just the most recent date.

BPA 15,23,24,27,30-31. All QRU except for 1 TIKAS (tech msg)
KRN 2,16,23,30. Now appears to have only a Thursday sked. All QRU
WNY 15-17, 21-24, 27, 29-31
SPK 22-23, 29-31
WFO and MIG 29-31
JMS 15-17, 21-24, 27-31
PSN 21-23, 29-31

The ETFNJX TKAGAS calling sequence in FSK Morse mode was seen 3 times this month. 08/2139 on 14577 kHz; 22/1750 on 19068 kHz; and 23/1718 on 17416 kHz. During the transmission on the 23rd the frequent repetition of TTIM was observed along with the ETLFNJX TKAGAS sequence. In all the many years I have followed this activity this is the first time I have seen the TTIM included.

An operator error was observed at 24/l1800 on 19086 kHz when the BPA tape was run for a few sequences and then abruptly pulled and replaced by the WNY tape which was the correct one for that sked.

DECEMBER LOGGINGS in kHz order with comments and UTC date/time
12816 Cuban cut nbrs in auto Morse. 30/11335
13373 Cuban cut nbrs in auto Morse. 27/1805
14487 YL/EE (British accent) w/5F grps in USB. VERY WEAK. 02/1442
14641 Cuban cut nbrs in auto Morse, sent slow. 24/1308
14645 5L grps in auto Morse. 03/2008
14930 Vs 8BY 8BY 8BY (French Intel) in auto Morse. 23/1357
16022 RMP (Kaliningrad Naval, Russia) DE CMU967 (Santiago Naval, Cuba) w/Vs foll by special Russian Z signals and then into Russian plain text which included Cyrillic Morse characters. 30/1552
16302 Very strange signal. Buzz Buzz Tone and sequence rptd over and over. Tuned down to 16301.5 kHz and signal now sounded like Buzz Buzz Low Tone High Tone. 31/1538-1540
17419 This sounded like CLP opr. The one who can't send the letter Q to save his soul. AASV for QSV and AASA for QSA, etc. Opr sending PT Spanish chatter - New Year Greetings. 29/1726 19088 CLP7 (EmbaCuba Brazzaville, Congo) DE CLP1 (MinRex, Havana, Cuba) sends Vs in CW and then into RTTY 50/500 to pass tfc. 17/1759 NOTE: 19088 kHz is adjacent to the FAPSI 19086 kHz freq used for bcst to WNY at 1800. Sometimes CLP1 really clobbers the FAPSI Cuban xmtr signal.

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2000 Don Schimmel.