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Report #006 12/01/99

ANOTHER ISRAELI SPY AGENCY According to the December issue of MILITARY magazine, the spy agency, Malmab, has been involved in industrial espionage for several years. Western governments have just learned of its existence. The agency utilizes the skills of computer hackers to learn of new weapons systems or other weapons secrets in Western nations including the U.S. The article stated the agency has a staff of approximately 100 persons.

KULPSVILLE, PA WINTER SWL FESTIVAL Go to www.trsc.com/winterfest.html where you will find details concerning Fest costs, hotel reservations, and a registration form. A reminder that the Fest is 10-11 March 2000.

SIGINT TRAINING ACTIVITY Tom Sevart writes the Covert Comms column for the ACE newsletter. Tom often alerts me regarding interesting signals he has picked up. This past month he advised that the transmissions we believe are for SIGINT Operator training purposes, were heard 18 Nov on 16303.6 kHz. Then on 19 Nov Tom tuned in the signal at 2232 and it was still going at 0200 when he stopped monitoring. The modes for both days were Sitor-B, CW, and ASCII 75/170.

FAPSI AMERICAS NETWORK Due to other obligations I was unable to spend very much time monitoring this month. I did hear calls made to BPA, WNY, and JMS many days with the most recent one being 30 Nov. A callup to KRN was heard only on 18 Nov. The respective sked times and frequencies remained as in the prior month.
In past years, when a broadcast indicated QRU on the primary freq, usually that QRU was repeated on the secondary freq also. Now however, when QRU is sent, it is just sent on the primary.

SHORTWAVE RADIO WEEK Initiated in 1990 by Tiare Publications, the week aims to promote shortwave radio and its many areas of interest and application: As an alternative source of information about and insight into other countries. As a way for ethnic groups, foreign students and others to stay in touch with their home or former country. As a way for travelers to tune in the country which they'll be visiting and a means of staying in touch with home while away. As a teaching tool to enliven subjects such as geography and current affairs. As shortwave listening and ham radio hobbies, offering an endless variety of interest areas.

SHORTWAVE RADIO WEEK is observed during the second full week of March of each year. Registered in Chase's Annual Events."

Why not plan some type of activity for that week? One suggestion would be to see the person at your local library who is in charge of exhibits. Gather some current Shortwave magazines, publications, and related items for a SWL display. It is not too early to start planning along such lines because most libraries have numerous exhibits during the year so they need as much lead time as possible in order to schedule your material for display at the proper time.

Another suggestion is to give a talk at a local school about shortwave listening. Take along a receiver and give a demonstration of signals to be heard. These are just a couple activities that come to mind. Site visitors can no doubt think of many other worthwhile activities for SWL WEEK.

NOVEMBER LOGGINGS in kHz order with comments and UTC date/time
13373 Cuban cut nbrs in auto Morse at 22/1830
14365 Link 11 signal at 30/1656
14510 - 14542 Very wide (32 kHz) buzzing signal. 30/1409
14786 Very strong carrier on from 22/1434 to 22/1625
16314 YL/EE (British accent) w/5F grps in USB at 30/1438
18413 Vs 8BY (French Intel) 862/506/371/449/221/122 AR In auto Morse at 30/1200
19086 CLP7 (Brazzaville, Congo) DE CLP1 (MinRex Havana, Cuba) in CW. Sends Vs then off at 22/1759

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1999 Don Schimmel.