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Report #004 10/01/99

MORE ON DELEWARE & PENNSLYVANIA EMERGENCY RADIO SYSTEMS As mentioned in Report #002, problems continue to surface in the Deleware communications system. Various news releases show that not only would the system interfere with the systems in the nearby states but there were five areas in Deleware where signal strength was inadequate. On top of that is the fact that the system design never included the requirement for operation within buildings. I guess the contractor believed Police and Firemen never have to work within large structures. The system shortcomings probably would have been avoided if field tests at various locations had been conducted. Instead, the system was apparently designed only by computer modeling techniques. BIG MISTAKE! One can only hope that Pennslyvania will see to it that similar errors do not occur in their new system for which a contract was recently signed.

NIGHTWATCH FLAG CHANGE An Armed Forces news item indicated the transfer of the flag from the National Airborne Operations Center to the U.S. Strategic Command at a September 20 ceremony at Offutt Air Force Base. STRATCOM is now responsible for providing support to NAOC and its Nightwatch mission.


UTC CALL LINK # Baud/Shift Frequency kHz Date Heard
0045 GMN 00119 75/500 11637/9213? 23 SEP
1445 WFO 00125 75/500 13423.1 28 SEP
1445 MIG 00125 75/500 14456.8 28 SEP
1515 BPA 00126 75/500 14729.4/? 29 SEP
1800 WNY 00139 75/500 19086/14939 29 SEP
1800 SPK 00168 50/500 20741/18048 29 SEP
2050 KAC 00128 75/500 18399/14371 28 SEP
2145 WFO 00125 75/500 12 MHz?
2145 MIG 00125 75/500 14456 28 SEP
2230 JMS 00127 75/500 14841/13452 29 SEP
2240 PSN 00126 75/500 22867/19921 29 SEP

An unidentified station received 5 msgs with total of 2543 groups on 16021 kHz at 1825 on 21SEP. Mode was RTTY 75/500.
On 21SEP at 1840 on 19223 kHz FSK Morse sequence of ETFNJX TKAGAS sent for about 6 minutes. Then came up on 16021.8 kHz and sent ETFNJX TKAGAS in FSK Morse from 1847 to 1855.
Earlier in month observed 13493.5 kHz at 1436 w/FSK Morse and the ETFNJX TKAGAS sequence. This procedure seems to be way a station is possibly alerted that traffic is upcoming?? On 24/1310 noted RTTY 75/500 on 14977.9 kHz w/RAU RAU RAU foll by 46464s. Sequence rptd about 10 times then QRU SK. This was not the Cuban relay xmtr. Transmission similar to those formerly sent to callsign VXK who was believed be part of European RR/MFA network.

SEPTEMBER LOGGINGS in frequency order (kHz) w/comments & UTC date/time
12092.1 Cut nbr grps in auto CW. 30/1316
13373 Cut nbr grps in auto CW. 13/1807
13434 Atencion by YL/SS in AM. Rpts 35983 & into 5F grps. 23/0100
14432 5L grps that are actually cut nbrs. RTTY 75/500. 15/1808
14447 YL/EE w/3-2F grps in USB. 21/2122
14486.5 YL/EE in USB w/5F grps. 23/1812
14598 5F grps in auto CW. 27/0048
14647 4XZ (Mossad?) w/tfc in 5F grps. 13/1823
14828 YL/SS in AM w/Atencion 674 09 & into 5F grps. 22/2005
16022.2 531 rptd in auto CW. Then 498 207 BT & into 5F grps w/each grp rptd twice. Cuts zero as T. 30/2134
18206.3 Hand sent CW cut nbr grps in Cuban cut nbr system. 21/1902
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1999 Don Schimmel.