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Miltronix R-390 and R-390A Service  

Here at Miltronix we specialize in the repair and restoration of R-390 and R-390A receivers. In order to serve more R-390A users we offer 4 levels of service to reduce time and costs having your set repaired.

Typical turn-around time is two to three weeks. We can call you, on request, with an estimate before we start work.

Service Description Price
Alignment Only The customer is responsible for checking tubes, cleaning, repairs, etc. We do the alignment only. $100.00 Flat Rate
Repair We will remove the modules from the radio, check under all modules for defective components, repair as required, do complete tube check, replace as required, clean controls, repair poor solder connections and re lubricate. No cleaning or painting. $250.00 Flat Rate
Rebuild We will do a complete repair (as described above), including the supply of missing parts (within reason) such as used original meters and top and bottom covers, internal small components, touch-up front panel and knobs, etc. $500.00 Flat Rate
Remanufactured This special Reman service level is for collectors and professionals. The entire receiver is dismantled, washed, re-tubed, re-painted, re-silkscreen lettering, re paint and stripe knobs, check all components, and return the receiver to better than depot specifications. Calibration guaranteed. (Exact cost dependent on original condition). $750.00-$1000.00

All customers required to "Issue a Call Tag" which is
a pre-paid stick-on label the driver brings with him at time of pickup.

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