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Miltronix LS-206 A/U  

Below is an original LS-206 a/u rack-mount loudspeaker assembly made for the U.S. Army. Barker-Williamson, Bendix, Crosley, and Avco are some of the manufacturers that built these for the U.S. Army from approximately 1952 to 1965 for use in their commo vans. The unit pictured is a very good example of one that was taken better care of. Unfortunately, most are not as well preserved, and require complete disassembly, repainting and repair.

The original LS-206 a/u has two 600 ohm input channels A & B. Each channel can handle 10 watts The original version had no handles, a toggle switch for each channel to turn off the RTTY tones during normal reception after the station was tuned in. Unfortunately these speakers have been collected to extinction. The only way you will get one is to wait till someone passes away. Miltronix has a solution below for those who would still like to obtain one.


The Miltronix LS-206 a/u (shown below) was created because there are just not enough original units to go around anymore. And after having rebuilt so many, I decided I could build one in the same time it takes to recondition an original. This is a very well made unit. All you need to have a complete setup is three pieces:  R-390, CV-591a and the LS-206 a/u.

The Miltronix LS-206 a/u varies from the original in the following ways:
* Handles to match the R-390 series versus no handles on the original.
* Headphone jacks instead of toggle switches that just cut the speakers off.
* Two 600 ohm inputs per channel and two 8 ohm inputs per channel (can be used simultaneously).
* Painted to match the R-390 receiver with nameplate (caution tag served no purpose).
* Brand New 6 inch round coaxial 10 watt speakers with built-in matching XF's.
* Front panel of the same material and thickness as the R-390.
* Connecting cables are included.
* Cost includes packing.

All customers required to "Issue a Call Tag" which is
a pre-paid stick-on label the driver brings with him at time of pickup.



Click here to view side.

Click here to view rear.

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Click here to view Channel A.

Click here to view Channel B.


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